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IP Brew Pub 爱情精酿吧 @ Hangzhou

People have been coming to 钱塘江 Qiantang River for centuries to view the tidal waves. In recent times, along the banks of the river, eateries and pubs have popped up.



IP Brew Pub 爱情精酿吧 is directly located next to the statue of 钱王射箭 “Qian Wang  shooting the tides”. If you are wondering what the tidal waves look like, here’s a link to a Youtube video. So legend has it that a very brave man called Qian Wang shot 10,000 arrows at an approaching river dragon that caused it to refract and crashed onto the banks. And the place where the dragon crashed, there’s another statue of the dragon full of arrows 🙂


IP Brew Pub is a microbrewery pub that served Chinese food, mainly Sichuan and Jiangzhe cuisines. But it is also open for lunch.

开胃酸辣土豆丝 appetising sour and spicy shredded potato

We started with 开胃酸辣土豆丝 appetising sour and spicy shredded potato, very appetising with the tangy, vinegar dressing with spice from red chilli. One hit so far.

芝麻酱拌冰草 sesame sauce wheatgrass

Next, 芝麻酱拌冰草 sesame sauce wheatgrass, very simple sesame sauce on wheatgrass, what can go wrong? Two hits.

臭味相同 stinky tofu

Here comes the challenge, 臭味相同 deep fried stinky tofu. The tofu is really crispy and the oil is not old. But it is not stinky enough. At least it is not a miss, so 3 hits.

川味捞拌鸭肠 Sichuan goose intestine

As we progressed into the hot course, 川味捞拌鸭肠 Sichuan goose intestine would require a bit of skill to ensure the intestines are not overcooked. Well, they were overcooked. First miss.

上汤丝瓜尖 loofah tips in stock

I didn’t know it’s called loofah tips until today. In Taiwan it’s called 龙须菜, but 上汤丝瓜尖 loofah tips in stock is similar to our 上汤苋菜 spinach in stock. The loofah tips were tender and the stock was so nice that I simply poured liberal amount of it onto the rice. 4 hits, one miss.

爱啤特色烤鸭 house special roast duck

Here’s what I think is the best dish of the day, 爱啤特色烤鸭 house special roast duck. The duck has a really crispy skin. It is not the Cantonese style marinate but slightly sweet like what the Hangzhou folks like. And the duck meat remained incredibly tender and moist. A big hit!!

咖喱苹果蟹 apple curry crab

Finally, 咖喱苹果蟹 apple curry crab, this is a miss. Sweet and tasted like Indian curry powder, the mud crab wasn’t fresh and the apple did not stand out. Final tally: 5 hits and 2 misses.

So the food is an attraction. Didn’t drink for lunch, but I think the atmosphere should be quite good since it has a live band. Service is prompt but I suspected because it is afternoon and it uses WeChat ordering system.

Anyway, will try again in the evening one day.

IP Brew Pub 爱情精酿吧
Tel : 0571-88182000

Date Visited : Jun 2019

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