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Baheli Beef Hotpot 八合里海記汕頭總店 @ Shantou

In a recent trip to visit our ancestral home of Chaozhou, we made a detour to Swatow for a culinary journey. And one of the stops is the legendary Baheli Beef Hotpot Honten 八合里海記汕頭總店

We have been to their Shenzhen stores, which we waited for hours to get a table. But once you had it, you cannot believe how fresh the beef can be.

Expert butchers

All the beef are freshly cut at location and sold within the day. The special thing is that  warm blood beef. None of the beef was frozen.

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We ordered different cuts of beef.

On the table was detail instructions on how long to cook each type of cut.

It is quite impossible to believe such a humble store in a Swatow neighbourhood will become a sensation all around the country.

Baheli Beef Hotpot 八合里海記汕頭總店
Tel : 0754-88707552

Date Visited : Sep 2019

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