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Treehouse Hotel @ Sydney

Right next to our Sydney office along Miller Street is an excellent dining and bar opened by a couple of very innovative chefs and bartenders. The result, innovative Australia fare with good cocktails to wash them down.

Been here multiple times with colleagues mostly during dinner hours, its really hard to get a table as it is always booked/crowded and the reason for that is – location and ambiance.

Right from the house chips to the other courses, everything is awesome.

house chips

The $9 price tag for a bucket of house chips at the Treehouse is money well spent. At this lovely North Sydney establishment, you will receive a generous serving of crunchy, hand-cut chips, akin to slabs of solid gold. Complementing the satisfying crunch is a dense, creamy aioli that will have you ordering seconds (if not thirds).

chicken liver parfait

chicken liver parfait

chicken liver parfait, housemade orange marmalade, cornichons, and baguette

The parfait is perfect. It captures everything you love about life. It’s silky, it’s velvety, it has that exotic “I am in the middle of Paris” feel, it creates a tingly feeling all over, it’s the best. It is the Life of a Travel Czar at its completeness. The parfait has this shiny “don’t mess with me look” and along with the beautiful sweet rind of the orange marmalade it just complements the richness of the parfait – it’s rich and beautiful in every way!

chargrilled baby octopus

chargrilled baby octopus

chargrilled baby octopus with hummus, pickled vegetables, radish, and dukkha

Hummus is a dish that truly embodies the essence that the simplest of ingredients are often at the top of life’s pleasures. It’s a Middle Eastern dish that has traveled beyond its birthplace becoming a staple around the world and is a no rules dish to creating flavour.

There are numerous dukkah recipes, each having its own ratio of different nuts, seeds and spices. The basic ingredients are nuts, sesame seeds, coriander seeds, cumin, pepper and salt. Dried thyme or mint can be added, dried chilly, anise seeds, fennel seeds etc.

This hummus topped with dukkah is the creamiest, full-bodied and zingiest you’ll ever taste. With a topping of chargrilled baby octopus and pickled vegetables you can enjoy it as an appetiser, or meal.

kingfish carpaccio

kingfish carpaccio

kingfish carpaccio with habanero oil, coriander, crispy eschallots, and crostini

A natural inhabitant of the cold, clean waters of Southern Australia, the Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola Ialandi) is variously known around the world as Australian Kingfish, Ricciola, Lechas, Magiatiko, Charuteiro, Gelbschwanz and Seriole Ialandi. In Japan, where it is known as the Hiramasa, it is regarded as one of the finest sashimi fish.

Not only does Yellowtail (Hiramasa) kingfish taste great, it’s nutritious, convenient and versatile. High in nutrients, low in calories and lean on fat, Yellowtail Kingfish is rich in protein and an excellent source of Omega-3 – an essential dietary oil that helps maintain a healthy heart and immune system and reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

The fish is well flavoured by the habanero oil and given the tangy and umami from the lime and soy combination. The Oriental touch came from the coriander and eschallots, very Teochew raw fish treatment. I was transported back to my ancestral roots.

220g grass fed eye fillet

220g grass fed eye fillet

220g grass fed eye fillet, Paris mash, cavallo nero, black garlic butter & jus

Cavolo nero or ‘Italian kale’ is a dark green cabbage packed with nutrients and flavour. Its robust texture and attractive leaves make it a popular choice with chefs looking for a slightly sweeter cabbage substitute.

This is an ultra creamy mashed potato as served at top tier restaurants and good steakhouses. It’s called Paris Mash, and it’s got a soft, almost pourable texture, it’s creamy yet fluffy, and it’s unapologetically rich.

ice cold beer

The drinks are cold and the crowd is happy. It can get really crowded on the weekdays evenings, especially during happy hours. But thursdays, fridays and paydays, the restaurant is hot ticket.

The staff here are very friendly and this place has a great comfort feel – very relaxing and great décor. There’s an automatic 10% service charge (which is welcomed) so you don’t need to leave another tip. And they don’t split your bills.

Treehouse Hotel
60 Miller Street North Sydney, NSW 2060
Tel : (02) 8458 8980

Date Visited : Nov 2018

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