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Cesaria’s @ San Francisco

Just down the street from the Marriott Downtown, Casario’s is an Italian restaurant that came up high score in Open Tables.

In our little trip to SF, the princess was craving for pasta. We have spent an entire day around the Redwood and Sausalito, so we wanted something close by the hotel.

Full house on a Thu evening

Cesario’s has been family owned since they opened in 1991 and has been serving fine Northern Italian and comfort food. The ambiance was great, very cozy and warm. The place itself is very tiny and intimate. Tables are so close together you are basically having dinner with the people sitting next to you.

Dinner Menu

Herbed Garlic and Parmesan Bread

The bread itself was not great, it had that ole familiar taste of refrigerator. But the pesto + olive oil dipping sauce was amazing, so i just had to douse the bread in dipping sauce.

Calamari fritti

Calamari fritti

Battered and fried calamari, organic greens, grilled baby artichokes with marinara and lemon dill tartar.

We started off with the calamari and it wasn’t bad at all.



Thin sliced raw beef, mixed greens, capers, basil, parmesan cheese, mustard aioli and olive oil.

While the beef was chilled and fresh, the aioli did not make it for me. It would be better with just olive oil and salt.

Lobster bisque

Lobster bisque

The bisque was good, quite a big portion, the two of us can share this.

Linguine pancetta

Linguine pancetta

Mushrooms, pancetta, sun-dried tomatoes and basil with light cream sauce.

It had tons of flavour from the mushrooms and pancetta.

Sutter Street

Nice little restaurant, but I am sure there are better Italian restaurants around town. But it is great value for the locale.

601 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States
Tel : +1 415-441-9898

Date Visited : Nov 2018

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