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Boat Noodle Cafe @ Beach Road

I love that this tiny Thai Boat Noodles eatery, located at Golden Mile Complex, offers you choices for noodles, meats and soups. It’s lots of fun to mix and match them to discover how each combination tastes.

You start off the meal with a super-sweet, Thai milk tea.

Thai milk tea

The boat noodle is a standout, with the small bowl at an amazing $1.90 and large, full-sized one starting at $5.50. Forget about the small one if you want a proper meal, it’s just a mouthful. Go straight to the large one, most guys would be able to finish two bowls at one seating.

Be aware of the spiciness level, as less spicy can cause problems if you’re not careful! But when you come in a big group, don’t bother, they will mix up your order anyway.

It’s indeed a dish to savour slowly, with rich taste from the broth and pork to pique your taste buds continuously throughout the meal, leaving you wanting more once you had your last sip.

There were many sides to choose from, from the Thai salads like green papaya salad with salted crab/salted eggs/etc to BBQ pork collar, char siew and other Thai favourites, there’s one that you must order, an extra portion of pork lard crackling. That’s all that flavour to enhance your bowl of boat noodles and brought joy to my cholesterol laden heart.

Amazing hidden gem with superbly authentic Thai food and hospitality. While authenticity was never questioned, there were some quirkiness that needed work. The place was certainly suited for the foodies, though the below-par hygiene could be a turnoff for casual food goers. I found a long strand of hair in my noodles, definitely not mine as it was shoulder length and dyed in the same colour as the cook.

Also the order taking using the app in the phone was so bad the staff made at least 4 mistakes with our orders. But all these were forgiven for a really beautifully made bowl of boat noodles.

Noodle Cafe – Thai Boat Noodle
5001 Beach Rd, #B1-08, Singapore 199588
Tel : 3113 2003

Date Visited : Jan 2020

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