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Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen @ Novena

Tonkotsu Kazan originates from Osaka, Japan. But this franchise actually started from Singapore and has since expanded to multiple locations around the world.

Tonkotshu Kazan makes use of the best ingredients and simmer these ingredients for a long time to get the pork broth, which is used in their ramen. It was a small and non-discreet little Japanese restaurant with rather friendly and jovial service crew. The setting was simple but richly infused with authentic Japanese decor.

Their signature dish is the Ishiyaki Ramen (hot stone roast ramen). It is similar to a normal bowl of ramen in terms of content, but it is served using a hot stone pot. Then, boiling soup is poured into the hot pot and the conical cover with an outlet on top is covered on top. The contact of boiling liquid and hot stone creates a sudden spurt of steam, and the whole visual looked like a volcano erupting.

Not interested in theatrics when it comes to food. So let’s go on with the ramen.

Chashu original shio ramen

The difference between the three orders was with/without karamiso, with/without bamboo shoot.

Chashu karamiso shio ramen

I had the Chashu Karamiso Ramen. It was supposed to be spicy, but it wasn’t, though the soup was tasty. The pork slices were tender, firm and thick – very lovely to chew. The noodles looked springy / hard but were actually rather soft – I would prefer the doneness a little more al dente.


Overall, a nice little ramen shop.

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
Square 2, 10 Sinaran Drive #02-68/69, 307506, (Novena)
Tel : 6397 6636

Date Visited : Dec 2019

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