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The European @ Melbourne

Caviar on toast with champaign on ice – this is what you will see commonly dished out in The European. Chic and trendy bistro chomps in CBD Melbourne.

Sitting opposite the Victorian grandeur of Parliament House, The European has gained iconic status amongst Melbournites and visitors alike. Open 7 days a week from morning until late, they offer classic bistro fare with substance and character to compliment it’s extensive collection of Champagne and other European wines.

The European is not Spanish…. Nor is it French, Italian, Austrian or Greek. The European is a hybrid creation that evokes memories (and the occasional bit of longing) for the wine bars and cafes of all those places; and the extent to which the concept resonates with Melbournians can be measured in the place’s longevity.

Yarra Valley salmon caviar

Yarra Valley salmon caviar

Yarra Valley salmon caviar, served with potato blinis, creme fraiche and chives

Glam and classy, even though the caviar is locally sourced. There’s of course the more expensive sturgeon caviar, but this is good enough to start the meal.

Roast pork belly

Roast pork belly

A bit of oriental, a bit of Spanish, the pork belly crackling is crispy and satisfying. As a appetiser to share, it was sufficient.

Seafood paella

Seafood paella

It’s more like a risotto, but nevertheless delicious, very generous on the amount of seafood. It seems to be removed from the menu now, but I think you can still request this from the kitchen. A bit pricey though for paella for one person.


This is a Melbourne institution, it has a traditional European feel and great friendly service. The meals are a staple, not fancy…just great because you get what you expect to receive.

The European
161 Spring St, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia (Chinatown)
Tel : +61 3 9654 0811

Date Visited : Oct 2014

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