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Social Square @ Parkway Parade

What do you get when you combine a Japanese family restaurant like Watami with a Western restaurant like Jack’s Place? You get Social Square by MOF.

Three menus

When we first looked at the restaurant menu of Social Square Parkway Parade, we were astounded by the wide range of dishes offered. There were three substantial menus, one each for Japanese, Western and Desserts & Drinks. Some silent alarm bells were ringing in our head. How can such a modest kitchen handle so many items? Will it be a case of a Jack of all trades producing mediocre food of many flavours? If Social Square can pull off their hybrid restaurant, then this is a perfect place for meeting up with friends if everyone has a different taste bud.

The Japanese Menu

The extensive Japanese menu covers everyone’s favourite Japanese dishes. You get noodles, nabes (hotpots), curry rice, tempura, sushi platter – there’s definitely something you would fancy. It is only normal that the Japanese menu is so comprehensive. Social Square is brought to you be MOF, a restaurant group that included many cuisines type.

Edamame and chawanmushi

We ordered a couple of starters – edamame and chawanmushi – these were properly done but not outstanding.

Unagi kabayaki うなぎ蒲焼

Unagi kabayaki うなぎ蒲焼

Very substantial set with half portion of unagi kabayaki and a simmered dish (Japanese meatballs), with rice and miso soup. The eel tasted like those sold in a supermarket, which in a way not a bad thing. Definitely value for money.

Cold chasoba with ebi tempura

Cold cha soba with ebi tempura

The next set we ordered, it was more or less the same as other Japanese restaurant – 5 pieces of ebi tempura with a single serve of cold chasoba.

The Western Menu

Equally interesting was the western menu. After all they do own the Lenas chain of pizza and steak restaurants.

Parma ham pizza

Parma ham pizza

Tasted like it came from Lenas. Decently done pizza.

Grilled chicken salad

Grilled chicken salad

This was the only failure of the day – the chicken was too soft and soggy, the choice of  vegetables for the salad was really roughly put together.

Prime rib roasts with Yorkshire pudding

Prime rib roasts with Yorkshire pudding

This dish surprisingly was the best. Nicely roasted prime ribs, and you get 5 slices for sharing, came with its au jus and a crispy, fluffy piece of Yorkshire pudding. Delicious.

The Restaurant

The Social Square restaurant looks so much better inside than outside. The narrow and dark entrance does not do justice to the place. The inside was a bright, spacious place with a forest theme. We are usually not fans of fake trees, but  they were used with good effect here to create a warm outdoor feel. The tables were placed sufficient far apart from each other. If our memory serves us correctly, this space was the former Banquet food court.

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the overall quality of the food at Social Square. Not only did most of the dishes taste good, the presentation of the dishes were quite attractive. The service at this restaurant was friendly and attentive. This is certainly a good place to dine in a group of people who cannot agree on eating a specific type of cuisine.

Social Square Restaurant
80 Marine Parade Road, Parkway Parade #03-26, Singapore 449269
Tel: +65 6348 7262

Date Visited : Jun 2016

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