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Fu Lee Seafood 富俐海鮮 @ Woodlands

We always drive around this canteen on the way home. And the bright signboard advertised there super value-for-money $12 fish head. And Princess always talks about the sambal petai. So finally we decided to come and try, and give our helper a break.

Fu Lee Seafood sits in the heart of Admiralty’s industry parks. Its prime location at the junction into the housing estate means that the bright lights in the evening do not go unnoticed by returning residents. 

咖喱魚頭 Curry fish head

咖喱魚頭 Curry fish head

While the billboard promotes the $12 fish head, it is only available as Thai style steamed fish head and not the picture which is claypot curry fish head. So when we ordered the curry fish head, the waiter quickly clarified that it was $22 instead. Deceiving advertising but still very good value and good taste.

沙皮脆雞 Crispy spring chicken

沙皮脆雞 Crispy spring chicken

Crispy chicken and easy to eat because it is deboned. Very delicious and not oily. And at $16, very reasonable for the whole chicken.

鐵板豆腐 Hot plate beancurd

鐵板豆腐 Hot plate beancurd

Hot plate beancurd is one of the must order dish when we go for tzechar. By far most of the hot plate beancurd we tasted have not live up to the mark, and this is no different. The sauce is monotonous, the ingredients sparing, and hot plate cold. Even though it was $10, it was still not

炒蕃薯葉 Sweet potato leaf

炒蕃薯葉 Sweet potato leaf

Sweet potato is supposed to be cooked with sambal chilli, but this turned out to be just a simple stir-fry.

BBQ Seafood

Also available by the same tzechar store is barbecue seafood. And it can be quite scary, because the price of the BBQ seafood is usually arbitrary. Despite a bad review, our experience was not too bad this time.

烤臭豆 BBQ sambal petai

烤臭豆 BBQ sambal petai

This is the signature that we see on the billboard every time we drive past. BBQ sambal petai is quite unique because so far we only have tried stir-fry. The petai is still crunchy but in a good way, and the sambal was all you taste. Nice portion for the price, as there’s a revival of eating petai after the cleansing property of the bean is discovered.

烤龍角豆 BBQ sambal winged bean

烤龍角豆 BBQ sambal winged bean

Winged bean consists of considerable amount of copper which is a strong antioxidant that works in the presence of the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase to safeguard the cell membranes from free radicals. Having sufficient copper in your daily diet can keep you looking younger for longer! However, winged beans consist 5.242 mg of copper per serving which is 582.44% of the daily recommended value so eat in moderation. It is made with the same sambal for the petai so it turned out to be the same taste.

Overall, Fu Lee is just like any of those neighbourhood tzechar store – nothing extraordinary, but always close by. They just become part of your live for being nearby.

De Tian Canteen @ MEGA@Woodlands

We grew up with the canteen and hawker culture. When we attended school, there were hawker stores in our school canteen. De Tian is like the adult version of our school canteen. Every store has its own characteristic and signature dish. And besides Fu Lee, there are 10 other stores offering everything from chicken rice to Indian food.

Despite Covid-19 and social distancing requirements for dining out, the place is packed for a Saturday evening, quite atypical of an industrial park canteen. Perhaps its location, perhaps the food, but most likely, perhaps it is in the Singaporean DNA to eat at these canteen.

Fu Lee Seafood 富俐海鮮
39 Woodlands Cl, #01-65 MEGA@Woodlands, Singapore 737856
Tel : 6904 5519

Date Visited : Aug 2020

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