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Old Cheng’s Hotpot 老诚一锅羊蝎子 @ Beijing

In the hutongs of Beijing are often hidden gems of culinary specialties. Or there may be many simple good eats that the locals frequent.

羊蝎子 lamb spine hotpot

Lamb spine hotpot 羊蝎子火锅 is the favourite food for Beijingers in cooler days. Lamb spine looks like scorpion and it’s literally called “Lamb Scorpion” in Chinese. The bones are stewed along with some cilantro and vegetables to create a wonderful broth that is brought out bones and all. It can be seasoned further for those who like their food spicy. The roots of the dish are Mongolian and the broth is similar to a typical hotpot, though it has a nicer, meatier flavor to it.

This hutong is just next to the lesser known Beijing Theater. There are many eateries in this narrow lane catering to the show goers. Unlike the West End, these eateries are more down to earth and simple but no less in flavours and varieties.

Old Cheng’s Hotpot is one of such restaurant. It is one of the most popular “lamb scorpion” hotpot with many locations around Beijing. Don’t expect a fancy place with impeccable service. What you get is a good meal with a reasonable price to match.

Old Cheng’s Hotpot 老诚一锅羊蝎子
北京 报房胡同101号

Date Visited : Aug 2018

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