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Sushi Uogashi Nihonichi @ Tokyo

Sushi Uogashi Nihonichi operates standing bar sushi at many locations like train stations, but this is an Edo-style sit-down restaurant that offers high quality sushi at incredible prices.

This store in Akasaka is like an izakaya, with all-you-can-drink packages as well as special sets like this one we had below that come with appetisers, assorted sashimi, a stewed dish and assorted nigiri sushi.

Uogashi Nihonichi is one of the few sushi restaurants that has auction rights at Tsukiji/Ota Market. The fish is delivered daily from Tsukiji Fish Market (now moved to Toyosu) and for that freshness and the price you pay, it is rally good value for money.

Recommended to come with your colleagues for an after-work drink and great food.
Sushi Uogashi-nihonichi 寿司 魚がし日本一 赤坂店
東京都港区赤坂3-9-4 赤坂扇やビル 1F
Tel : 050-5872-4534

Date Visited : Aug 2016

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