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Sushiro @ CWP

The biggest conveyor belt sushi chain from Japan rolls into our little island. Get ready for the invasion of Sushiro.

Established in June 1984, Sushiro has grown to become Japan No.1 conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain, with more than 530 branches in Japan and overseas markets.

Kaiten sushi

Since opening their first outlet in Singapore with much fanfare in Tiong Bahru Plaza, their invasion was halted by nature. Finally the CWP outlet opened quietly recently without any fanfare and much restriction on how you will experience Sushiro.

First, the drink service is removed to prevent folks from congregating around the fountain. And then, there’s no hot water tap for tea to reduce contacts between two change of diners. And finally, the conveyor will only show one plate at a time to prevent cross contamination. So don’t wait as they come pass you.

The sushi quality is so-so, very much like the price you paid for them. However every plate adds up and the meal is $60 for two persons. That would almost be like a family restaurant price with slightly better sushi.

Asari miso soup

The miso soup however was quite generous in the number of clams in each bowl. Other than that, I don’t think I will be coming back here soon. Genki Sushi is around the same price but much better.

Sushiro Singapore (Causeway Point)
Tel : 6908 5605

Date Visited : Sep 2020

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