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Monster Planet @ CWP

Brand new restaurant in CWP – Monster Curry has landed in Monster Planet and we were among the first to try it.

Japanese curry rice (カレーライス) is kind of a foreign talent that has taken root in Japan, and the Japanese have made it one of their own. Unlike Indian masala and Malay curry, Japanese curry is milder and easier to eat for the uninitiated. It still has the spices, but the heat is much less.

Monster Planet by Monster Curry

I have waited for years for CoCo to come to CWP, but I have to go to the Japanese restaurants here for my curry rice fix. They weren’t any good. Therefore you can sense the excitement for me and Princess when we saw it over the weekend.

Monster Premium Steak Curry

Monster Premium Steak Curry

Firstly, it is not a beef steak by common knowledge. It’s what the Japanese would refer to as “hamburger steakハンバーグ and it was a really tasty beef patty by any standard. It would be beautiful in a burger, and it was just perfect in this curry. The omelette on rice is standard with this order, and it comes with a Japanese slaw with sesame dressing and some ginger pickles on the side. The plate is huge, 42 cm to be exact, and the sweet curry glaze filled half the plate. If you get one heart, that’s one chilli hot. You can order up to 5 chilli hot if you are adventurous.

Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry with 3 chillis

OK, I went for the 3 chillis and I regretted it straight away. It was hot as hell! The heat pretty much killed all the sweetness and fragrance of the curry. I cannot taste any part of the chicken katsu. I would go for pork katsu if they have it, but I think they are trying to differentiate from Monster Curry and get the Halal certification.

Plain rice under the omelette

The katsu curry did not come with omelette, so I added the omelette as an add-on. You can customise your curry rice with as much or as little enhancements. After all, it will all come in the giant plate. I was disappointed that the omelette was not wrapped around the rice like some fancy curry restaurants would, but I would highly recommend to add the omelette if your basic curry rice choice did not come with it.

While we still think that CoCo has the better curry, Monster has the advantage of portion size and proximity. It is an above average curry rice, so it will do for us in the wild wild north.

Monster Planet by Monster Curry
Causeway Point #05-13

Date Visited : Oct 2020

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