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Youngs Bar and Restaurant @ Seletar

Sunday morning, one just wanted an extended late breakfast. In the aviation hub of Seletar, there’s a British-style bistro that serves just that – comfort food in a lazy Sunday brunch setting.

Completed in December 2016, The Oval @ Seletar Aerospace Park occupies 11 hectares of land and has been dubbed as the “Dempsey in the North”. It has since housed several F&B establishments in old school black and white colonial bungalows. Among those opened here is Youngs Bar and Restaurant. This Seletar airbase restaurant serves English pub grubs in the morning and European cuisine in the evening.

Truffle Fries

Truffle Fries

Fries tossed in truffle oil and grits, covered in parmesan shaving

Every bistro in town has started serving this up-classed version of french fries. It was quite strange with burnt bits and the fries were soggy from the truffle oil. Stick to ordinary fries.

Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes

Deep-fried crab meat stuffed with capsicum, dill, leek, served with spicy mayonnaise dip

Youngs Big Breakfast

Youngs Big Breakfast

Sunny-side up, ham, pea & cheese batter half-waffle, house-marinated chicken classic half-waffle, grilled mushroom, English Cumberland sausages and mesclun salad

You get to choose how the eggs can be done, and it’s a very big and hearty working man’s English breakfast. While I was attracted by the offering, they turned out to be supermarket varieties and not exactly specially made for Young’s.

Squid Ink Seafood Pizza

Squid Ink Seafood Pizza

Squid ink pizza, fish chunks, mussels, spicy tomato sauce, squid ink mayonnaise with mozzarella and cheddar

Not quite your traditional pizza, more like a flatbread decked with yummy toppings. This one is made with a squid ink infused dough with traditional marinara toppings. Seafood pizza is always a challenge because the seafood tends to overcook. This is one is no different, saved only by the sauces and combinations.

Bacon & Eggs Pizza

Bacon & Eggs Pizza

Béchamel, bacon crumbs, onions, egg with mozzarella and cheddar

Another flatbread disguising as a pizza. The saving grace is the soft eggs on the top.

The place is crowded in the weekends when everyone is looking relax. But relaxing it is not. The service is slow and food is just slightly better than Pizza Hut. So far it’s been 2-0 in Seletar, both experiences are not pleasant. Except for the ample parking and wide open space, I don’t see any culinary attraction.

Youngs Bar and Restaurant
3 Hyde Park Gate, Singapore 799531
Tel : 6734 2850

Date Visited : Feb 2017

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