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Red 99 Hotpot 紅九九 @ Taipei

What if you are along in Taipei and want to eat hotpot? For one I cannot go to my favourite Hoki because you will not be able to get variety. Luckily for loners (or business travellers) like me, there’s Red 99.

Located opposite 華視 (CTV), you will not miss the gaudy front of this hotpot restaurant.

Once you are seated, you can see the paper mat giving you tips on how to enjoy the hotpot. Then you pick from the individual sets from the menu.

The individual set came with everything you need to enjoy the hotpot – lettuce, vegetable, mushrooms, tendons and innards, and the most outstanding item – the overnight (stale) dough fritters. Why dough fritters? Because of their super absorbent properties, you will be able to enjoy the soup base. All these ingredients were presented in a tower like high tea.

Sliced beef

The beef is presented separately, but I was underwhelmed by the quality of the beef. But for the price you pay, you can’t really complain.


Everything is cooked in a personal hotpot.

And at the end of the meal, you can choice to have a portion of noodles, vermicelli or rice. There’s also a simple dessert thrown in to complete the meal. How was it? I find their tofu and blood pudding not as well cooked as Hoki. Overall it is the quality of a fast food joint.

Front door, opposite CTV

Service is prompt and attentive. The food quality can be better, but the price (NT388 or USD12) is unbeatable. Anyway, if you are alone, this is a wonderful choice.

Red 99 Individual Spicy Hot Pot 紅九九個人鴛鴦鍋
No. 7, Lane 131, Yanji Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Tel : +886 2 2772 3938

Date Visited : Sep 2016

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