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Little Sheep Hot Pot 小肥羊 @ Shanghai

The first time I had Little Sheep Hot Pot was in Baotou almost 10 years ago. It has become one of my favourite hot pot chain. This was the first time back to a franchisee since.

Little Sheep was founded 2002 in No.22, Ulan Road, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, China. Breaking the usual habits of broth and separate dipping sauce, Little Sheep ushered in a new trend featuring a rich broth base, a harmony of five flavours and the homology of seven magic spices. Since then, they have always set out to promote this delicious delicacy from the Mongolian grasslands.

It quickly gained a reputation for hot pot without dipping sauce. Every meal is served with a fresh and palatable broth base, even after being boiled for a long time. This perfect combination of a delicious broth base with mutton from the Inner Mongolian grasslands has changed the pattern of hot pot world.

However, due to over expansion, the experience has not been consistent. I have been to some really bad branches, so I stopped going for a long time.

Since then, they have been bought over by Yums! Group that also owns the franchise for KFC in China. They have brought a much need upgrade to the operations and the difference between restaurants is negligible now.

Little Sheep Hot Pot  小肥羊(南京东路店)

Date Visited : Jun 2017

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