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Lotus Thai 荷花泰菜 @ Beijing

Located below our Beijing office, Lotus Thai has been a favourite among the staff and we would go there for a nice Thai lunch.

The graceful and elegant lotus is the symbol of wisdom in Buddhism, and is a favoured plant in Thailand. The restaurant uses green as the general background colour with a really cheesy Thai decor, this gives a nice feel to customers that you are getting authentic Thai food. Mixed with pink dressed waitresses in Thai-style garb and lotus-shaped tissues on the table, we are eased into the meal despite that we have only 1 hour to complete the lunch time break.

泰式空心菜 Water spinach in prawn paste sauce

泰式空心菜 Water spinach in prawn paste sauce

You can’t call this a Thai meal without water spinach (or kang kong in Singapore speak).

荷叶包鸡 pandan leaf wrapped chicken

荷叶包鸡 pandan leaf wrapped chicken

This is not lotus leaf but pandan leaf, which is better as it gives that special pandan fragrance to the chicken.

青木瓜沙拉 green papaya salad

青木瓜沙拉 green papaya salad

Another appetiser, juliennes of green papaya dressed with fish sauce and lime juice. Spicy and appetising.

冬阴功 Tom yam koong

冬阴功 Tom yam koong

Seafood tom yam soup, slightly sweet and taste like soup from premix.

绿咖喱时蔬 Green curry vegetable

绿咖喱时蔬 Green curry vegetable

Beijing cabbage, bean curd, mushrooms, brinjal in a sweet green curry, I am starting to wonder if I am really eating Thai food.

黄咖喱牛肉 Yellow curry beef

黄咖喱牛肉 Yellow curry beef

Finally something spicy, came with the signature Thai baby eggplant and bamboo shoot with chunks of beef. If only they sliced the beef instead of chunky beef.

戈拋叶猪肉碎 Minced pork with Thai basil

泰式罗勒叶猪肉碎 Minced pork with Thai basil

Classic Thai dish, very good with steamed rice.

粉丝虾煲 Prawn and vermicelli in claypot

粉丝虾煲 Prawn and mung bean vermicelli in claypot

One of my favourite Thai dish, not because of the prawn but the vermicelli. It has soaked up all the flavours of the prawns and sauces, and you can eat it as a healthy replacement to rice.

榴莲吐司 Durian toasties

榴莲吐司 Durian toasties

Finally, dessert – it is a savoury and sweet deep fried toasties with durian paste filling. You can see the grin on my face and the chagrin on my companions faces. This was 2017 and durian wasn’t the craze yet. But it was Golden Pillow variety and not my favourite Maoshanwang.

Nine dishes, but they all came in quick succession because of the lunch time panic. We wolfed down all the food in quick time and did not have any pleasure of savouring the tastes. Nevertheless, they were competently prepared. The service was so so, this being Beijing is not surprising. The food and price made up for that failure.

Lotus Thai 荷花泰菜
LG Level CC07, 1 East Chang’an Avenue.Dongcheng District
Tel : +86 10-85186391

Date Visited : Feb 2017

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