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Chen Pengpeng Goose 陈鹏鹏卤鹅饭店 @ Shenzhen (2020)

Teochew food is my comfort food, as this is the region my ancestors came from and the food I grew up with. I will never pass up a chance to have Teochew cuisine wherever I am, and especially when this one is the voted the most popular three years in a row (2018-2020).

The open kitchen is a hub of activities. The shop in CoCoPark (a major shopping mall in Shenzhen) is strategically located right after the exit/entrance of the Shenzhen MRT. There’s a constant chopping, poaching, steaming and plating going on regardless of the time of the day, as commuters buy some home to “add dishes” 加送.

Deep fried meat rolls 粿肉

We ordered a classic Teochew appetiser, deep fried meat rolls. It was over fried.

Braised goose 潮州狮头鹅(下庄)

I ordered a quarter portion of the braised lion-head goose, and specifically asked for the lower quarter consisting the thigh and drumstick. This portion in my opinion is more tender and moist than the breast meat.

Goose intestines 七秒鹅肠

The goose intestine is blanched for 7 seconds in boiling braise and the result is a crunchy intestine with flavours of braise stock. The intestine has been cleaned thoroughly so one do not need to worry about the inside of the intestine.

Blood pudding 鹅血

The plate of intestine came with slices of goose blood pudding. Very smooth and flavourful, I don’t know why I like them so much. Maybe it’s because we cannot get them anymore in Singapore.

Wearing casual straw hats, white T-shirts and blue jeans as well as blue aprons, the young waiters and waitresses are always energetic and attentive. The popularity meant the service has gone down a fair bit, and the dessert was no longer free.

The restaurant was founded in Shenzhen, so it’s got the innovative and risk taking DNA, very much like this young city. Everyone is optimistic and looking forward the good life they are having in this welcoming city. Look out Singapore, this is the China that you will be competing against.

Chen PengPeng Goose 陈鹏鹏卤鹅饭店(CocoPark店)
Tel : 18002585172

Date Visited : Nov 2020

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