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Itocho Sushi @ Novena

Itocho was one of the first sushi chain that brought in fresh fish from Japan. That raised the level of the competition, and it quickly became my family favourite sushi place. It’s been a couple of years since, and we decided to check out their Novena Square branch.

The store has no conveyor belt, everything was handmade by their sushi chefs a la minute when you order. We decided to sit at the sushi counter to see the chef in action.

The first order came at once

Very quickly we were reminded that this is a chain store and speed was their main selling point. All items from the first round of orders were served at once. So we were bombarded with everything.

The quality was comparable to what I got in Japan. Some of the fish were no longer from Japan because of supply chain issues like salmon are from Norway and the shrimp from Vietnam. But the Kagoshima wagyu remained a great value here.

Gunkan (from L) – corn, wasabi octopus, uni, ikura, flying fish, crab miso

Next up, the gunkans 军舰寿司, with my princess’ favourite corn mayo gunkan and my favourite uni gunkan.

Ocean Wonderland of Treasure

They actually served the wrong combination (the cheaper combination with almost everything was salmon) before I spotted the difference -it didn’t have my favourite hamachi and hotate. They didn’t even bothers to refresh everything, so some of the sashimi had turned room temperature.

Overall, the standard of the food was comparable to those you get in Itamae (their sister company) in Japan as they sourced the ingredients from the same suppliers. For better selection, go to their ION Orchard store. To think that this has been a Hong Kong sushi chain made this even more commendable. Still quite satisfied but the value has gone down a notch – their are better places these days for $157 for two persons like Koji Sushi Bar.

Itocho Sushi (Novena Square 2)
10 Sinaran Dr #02-85-89 Square 2 SIngapore 307506
Tel : 6261 4616

Date Visited : Dec 2020

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