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Sense 8 Delivered

Typhoon day, pouring outside. The hotel I was staying in had poor room service. So I decided to get food delivered from a nearby restaurant, Sense 8.

Raffles City Changning front door (taken from Sense 8 website)

Sense 8 is a lavish Cantonese restaurant that pays tribute to Hong Kong’s well-known old-school teahouse, Luk Yu. This is the third branch of the brand in Shanghai, located in the newly minted Raffles City Changning. I had always wanted to go there for lunch or dinner, but I was told by my colleagues about the expensive dine-in, so we had not been there all these time.

Quality packaging

The set lunch for one person came with a daily double-boiled soup, a main course, a sautéed vegetable and steamed rice for ¥98. Not exactly cheap delivery, but you get quality (and quantity) Cantonese food served with excellent packaging. What more do you want during a typhoon season?

Shanghai greens 清炒小唐菜 (set menu) and braised chicken feet 酱皇蒸凤爪

Shanghai greens 清炒小唐菜 (set menu) and braised chicken feet 酱皇蒸凤爪

Bakchoy to my Western friends, Shanghai greens is a perennial vegetable that can be easily grown though the yer, and it was usually the vegetable of choice for all these set meals. Nothing exciting. I really liked the braised peanuts that came with the chicken feet.

Steamed chicken with Chinese sausage (set menu) 腊肠蒸滑鸡

Steamed chicken with Chinese sausage (set menu) 腊肠蒸滑鸡

The main course was so salty that you need to eat it with the steamed rice. The sauce was lumpy, and I thought it could be because it had turned cold during delivery.

Sautéed tiger prawns and scallops with zucchini 海味酱带子虾球

Sautéed tiger prawns and scallops with zucchini 海味酱带子虾球

This a la carte item was quite delicious, with fresh scallops and tiger prawns sautéed in XO sauce – which is a spicy dried scallop reduction. The zucchini balanced out the strong taste of the sauce.

Steamed pork ribs with yam 豉蒜蒸排骨

Steamed pork ribs with yam 豉蒜蒸排骨

I was impressed how nearly this steamed pork ribs was arranged in the packing. And unlike other delivered dimsum, care has been put into the packing and the condition they will be delivered. Like the chicken feet, the sauce did not splashed all over the container to make a mess.

Cantonese roast goose 深井烧鹅

Cantonese roast goose 深井烧鹅

I was surprised the condition that the roast goose came, still crispy on the skin and moist on the flesh. The portion of delivery was a quarter of the goose, which is a lot for one person. I have remarked in the comment for lower half quarter, and it came with the thigh and drumstick – yummilicious! This was one of the best roast goose I have tasted that was delivered by Meituan. I have kept it on my Favourite list in the app.


After this experience, I think I would go try their dine-in at one of their three beautiful locations around Shanghai. Each one of those restaurants is opulently decorated with Cantonese motifs and fixtures, like the gold-on-black signs, gaudy red lanterns, etc.

Interior of Xintiandi

Their Xintiandi branch has an even more extravagant interior, with replicas of antique furniture and decorations from Beijing’s Imperial Palace. It serves some of Luk Yu’s iconic dishes, and although the food is no match for the iconic Hong Kong tea house, if you’re looking for an atmospheric meal, it’s worth a try. 

Sense 8 誉八仙
No. 24, 4/F, North Block, Raffles City Changning, 1189 Changning Lu (near Kaixuan Lu) 长宁路1189号来福士广场东区4层24号 (近凯旋路)
Tel : +86 (021) 53831888

Date Ordered : Jul 2021

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