Coconut Chicken Hotpot 海南椰子鸡锅

Ate a lot of times the Hainanese Coconut Chicken Hotpot in China, decided to try this really simple recipe at home.

Chicken marinated with salt, MSG and yellow wine

First, you need chicken. The whole chicken needs to be marinated with yellow wine, salt and MSG. Yes, MSG, without this important item, the chicken would be flavourless when cooked in the hotpot. Leave the chicken for 30 min out of the fridge to reach room temperature.

Fresh coconut water

Second, get some young coconuts and extract the water and some of the young coconut flesh. Old coconuts may be too bland, and Thai coconut may be too sweet, so balance out until you get the right sweetness you want.

Young coconut

The soup based will have the sweetness of the coconut, so if you don’t like a sweet soup, you can use more water.

Coconut water and flesh

Bring the liquid to a boil.

Add the chicken

Finally add the marinated chicken and boil for 15 min before adding other ingredients you like as you would for hotpot.


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