Quarantine in Shanghai (Nov 2021)

Shanghai is under lockdown. The model student in the Class of Pandemic Control 2021 has become the top in class in the wrong way. Zero Covid policy is under a lot of test. Let’s see how it was in Nov 2021.

Arriving in Shanghai

This was the third time I was in Shanghai during the pandemic. I became quite good with the process in the airport. Even so, it still took around 2 hours before we were allocated our quarantine hotel. According to the GPS, we were allocate a Jinjiang Star hotel in southern side of the city.

The process of checking in in this hotel was the most efficient of the three that I had been two. I was allocated room 8238 – nice number. And when I went into the room, I was delighted by the space and fittings. Everything looked new and refreshed, not like the previous one I stayed in.

There was even a walk-in wardrobe which I stored all the luggages that I brought along. This allowed me to settle in quickly and get about my daily business.

First meal of the quarantine – Day 0 Dinner

I was quite impressed by the first meal they have provided – a bento with four hot dishes and plenty of rice, a bowl of soup and a fruit. If this continues to be the catering for the rest of the quarantine, my dieting plan would be destroyed.

Breakfast for Day 1

Breakfast was provided together with dinner, as there was not room service or catering before 11am, which was the time lunch would be delivered to the rooms. So breakfast was just prepackaged processed food like bread or pastries with a fruit, a boiled egg and a packet drink (UHT milk/soy bean milk). I would say the portion was really sufficient for a big boy like me. There must be a lot of leftovers everyday.

The New Normal

Working from home is the new normal, and working from a quarantine hotel with proper internet connectivity would be just the same. And once in a while I would get some musical entertainment from the marching band in the school next door.

And after dinner, I can just lay back and watch my streaming videos on the wide screen TV.

Meals During Quarantine

The catering for this hotel was really good. The food did not repeat during the week and there was 4 items and rice, and often with a fruit and a soup.

Day 11 – Dinner

Day 11 Dinner was my favourite – it had sautéed river eels, steamed egg with salted Jeff yolk, meat balls with watershield sauce and seaweed soup.

Supplementing the Meals

Getting grocery delivered was as efficient as the rest of the quarantine hotels. And this place was slightly more relaxed. Day 1, I filled the mini bar with beverages and fruits, and set up a mini pantry on the TV console cabinet.

Making a sandwich was a luxury during quarantine, and I managed to get sliced bread and cheddar cheese. I even made myself a tuna mayo filling for the sandwich.

Fruits and comfort food were very important, especially around breakfast. It was just processed food most of the time, so it was nice to vary it with hot noodles and fresh fruits.

Advice to all with is going to be quarantine is to drink lots of water. Some hotels will supply as much bottled water as you need. I had to buy additional supplies here, as they only provided two bottles per day. And it is important to keep the spirits high. It could be just as simple as a Pretzel while having a conference.

Check Out

Finally Day 14, and I was free to check-out the moment my negative PCR test result came back. I left the hotel for the first time in 14 days, and was greeted by a clear blue sky.

After 14 days, there’s still a 7-days home self-monitoring. This time I chose The Westin as the rest of the eligible hotels were fully booked for an exhibition that was going on in Shanghai. This turned out to be a very good choice as it was walking distance to Nanjing West Pedestrian Street.

Hopefully this would be the last time I need to quarantine going to China.

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