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Yishun 925 Hainanese Chicken Rice @ YCK

It all started at Blk 925 Yishun Central, but since then it has expanded to all around the island. And they sell something that I would eat every day.

Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore can be found easily in just about any hawker centre, food court, coffee shop or restaurant. But, like much of Singapore’s food, not all chicken rice is made equal.

Yishun 925 used to be called “Hainanese (De-Bone) Chicken Rice” 海南去骨鸡饭 and they have served the folks at Yishun for over 30 years.

Chicken rice essentials

A good chicken rice requires three important elements – chilli sauce, chicken flavoured rice and of course the chicken. The chicken has to be poached to just right, and the jelly between the skin and flesh must form properly. The rice must be loose and not crumped together. The chilli must have the fragrance of chicken oil, ginger and lime, and a balance of spiciness and sour. The chilli was garlicky and full of flavour. It strangely tasted similar to McDonald’s garlic chilli sauce.

Signature poached white chicken

The deboned signature poached chicken came with a layer of gelatinous skin, and a liberal amount of thin soy sauce and chicken oil to add saltiness. And for added flavours, a small portion of achar (Peranakan vegetable pickles) to balance the taste.

Gizzards and livers

I added a side of boiled chicken liver and gizzards. The gizzards were crunchy, but the liver was overcooked. The same soy sauce was used for flavours.

Chicken rice

The comforting warm chicken flavoured rice was delicious, and together with the chicken and chilli sauce, I finished in a heartbeat. I would love another portion, but my cholesterol laden heart stopped me from doing so.

So many chickens

There’s also roasted chicken, but from the lining crowd, nobody ordered that. I should have asked for all the chicken butt (my favourite), but that would be too much for one meal. Given the number of chicken heads hanging at the store, Singaporeans really love their chicken rice.

Yishun 925 Hainanese Chicken Rice

Multiple location

Date visited : Feb 2022

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