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Nola @ Sydney

As a celebration of Independence Day, I would like to recommend this fantastic New Orleans-style smokehouse in Sydney.

New Orleans Louisiana, affectionately dubbed NOLA, is a colourful part of North America’s southern states and carries a rich history. NOLA has a deeply multicultural heritage with many influences that continues to evolve today, especially across food, music, art and drinking culture.

Southern hospitality

Located at Barangaroo, NOLA is a New Orleans-inspired hangout serving smoked meats, seafood & American whiskeys amid colourful decor. It serves top-cut meats cooked to perfection with southern-style roasting. Think dry aged beef brisket, smoked and pulled pork shoulder and spit roasted lamb served with simple slaw or mac ‘N cheese on the side. 

Huge bar counter

More than half of NOLA is dedicated to a bar that champions some of the best American whiskeys you can find.  The style tips its hat to one of America’s most revered and distinctive cities with hanging basket ferns, wicker chairs and gorgeous wrought iron detailing around the bar. Musicians play live music in the evening. But we were here during lunchtime.

Wood Fired Creole Flatbread

texas hummus

Wood Fired Creole Flatbread

Wood oven flatbreads traditionally bake in mere minutes in blistering heat. You make a simple, unleavened dough, then roll it out and you top it with olive oil an a sprinkling of spices. Hummus is a Middle Eastern staple, but the Texans made it their own with an additional ingredient in the basic chickpea mix – jalapeño. And instead of more olive oil, it was topped with a dash of au jus. How eclectic but it worked!


cola braised ox tail


Beignets are commonly known in New Orleans as a breakfast served with powdered sugar on top. Since this is not a breakfast place, it is filled with hand pulled cola braised ox tail sprinkled with parsley salt. It is definitely not a sweet pastry.

Cola braised ox tail

We were told to pour in the au jus into the beignet through a small cavity we made like an Indian golgappa. It was quite good, but I am quite sure there was a lot of creative license given to the naming of this snack. But calling it golgappa will not fit into the NOLA theme.

NOLA’s Pit-Master’s Pick

All four choices of meat on offer were in the degustation Pit-Master’s Pick.

Milly Hill Lamb and Rotisserie Chicken

Milly Hill Lamb is one of the most sought after premium lamb brands. Produced predominantly from individually selected, prime quality lambs raised on the productive pastures of the New England Tablelands, Milly Hill Lamb is renowned for its consistency, delicious flavour, superb texture and tenderness. 

Oakey Reserve Brisket and Apple Cider Pulled Pork

These Superior 150 Day ‘Grain-fed’ Angus Reserve, full “Packer” Briskets have been specially sourced direct from Oakey Beef Exporters near Toowoomba. The velvety-soft brisket pairs nicely with a dollop of chimichurri sauce.

Chilli and BBQ Sauces

All the meats were tender, succulent and melt-in-your-mouth. And what better way to chomp it all down with a little moisture provided by the chimichurri and BBQ sauces.


Mac ‘N’ Cheese

This was a creamy mac ‘n’ cheese recipe, which the excellent Australian diary produce turns up deliciously. Crispy breadcrumbs and melted cheddar covered the macaroni that had been drowned in a Gruyere béchamel sauce.


The slaw is the typical American coleslaws made with cabbage and lots of mayonnaise dressing.

Fig & Burnt Honey Tart

Fig & Burnt Honey Tart

A Southern meal is not complete with a slice of pie. And this fig and burnt honey custard tart hit the spot perfectly. The top of the pie was like a creme brûlée sugar cover. The caramel taste of the burnt honey completely drowned the fig taste.


A solid meal

It was a really good spot for a little Southern smokehouse cuisine. Service was good, and the manager was really friendly. Looking forward to my next visit.

NOLA Smokehouse and Bar
Level 1, One International Towers Sydney 100 Barangaroo Ave Cnr Barangaroo Ave &, Shipwright Walk, Barangaroo NSW 2000, Australia
Tel : +61 2 9188 3039

Date visited : Mar 2022

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