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Matsukiya @ Orchard

Lunch appointment in town, the guest did not turn up at the last minute so I was stuck with my colleague for a simpler lunch in Paragon. Stumbled on this small yakitori place next to Sushi Tei.

Matsukiya offers traditional Japanese kushiyaki that is grilled over binchotan using high quality ingredients. It is a brand under Sushi Tei.

The interior is quite small, consisting of a counter with 14 seats and 4 tables. All the grilling action can be seen from the counter seats and surprisingly I could smell any of the smoke from where I was sitting at one of the dining tables on the side.

We started with a couple of appetisers – a chawanmushi topped with minced pork, grilled sting ray fins or el hire and a grilled salmon salad.

Next up, succession of different grilled chicken parts. I would not say that any of them were mind-blowing. The tsukune was very salty and the raw egg work was placed on more salty sauce that defeated its existence as a dip.

Gyu tongue, Shishito

The grilled tongue was my favourite for the lunch, but the pace they sent out the items were relentless. Before you knew it, some of the previous items were already cold.


Grilled onigiri is my favourite kushiyaki item anywhere, and it was quite easy to get it totally wrong. Luckily they were grilled to a crisp on the outside and moist and hot inside.

Kagoshima A4 wagyu

The grilled Kagoshima A4 wagyu was alright, but it tasted more like torched with a blow flame than being grilled on the charcoal.


Service wise, the staff was attentive and the speed was perfect for the office lunch crowd. Food wise, it was a rather substandard yakitori place compared to Kazu or Bincho, and it could not compare with the more accessible Nanbantei. There’s definitely some more work to be done here. I can only say it’s just another menu from Sushi Tei.

Matsukiya 松喜屋
290 Orchard Rd, #05-04 Paragon, Singapore 238859
Tel : +65 6219 1771

Visited in Jun 2022

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