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Tiong Hokkien Mee @ PJ

After missing KL for more than 3 years, I finally got the opportunity to travel there and ate my favourite KL food – Hokkien-style tzechar 福建炒

Some of the best Hokkien tzechar are now available in Petaling Jaya, affectionately known to locals as PJ, because of redevelopment of locations in downtown KL. The property prices in downtown have forced many to move, but some are locals in PJ, like Restoran Tiong Hokkien Mee.

Cuttlefish with kang kong 鱿鱼雍菜

Every table pretty much ordered the same items, the appetisers – cuttlefish with kang kong 鱿鱼雍菜 and deep fried fermented tofu chicken wings 南乳炸鸡翅膀.

Deep fried fermented tofu chicken wings 南乳炸鸡翅膀

The deep fried chicken wings came naturally pink because of the fermented tofu. I have no idea why but when you marinate something with fermented tofu 腐乳 it gives the food a tint of red. The tofu taste was not too pronounced, although I wished they were. But they were good eats; crispy on the outside, tender, succulent and juicy on the inside.

KL-style Hokkien noodles 福建面

When you come here, Hokkien noodles is a must. The Hokkien noodles we ordered was for three people, but we finished it quite quickly and order another one. The boss was surprised because we already had two other orders of horfun and noodles. The noodles were fried very dry, and very smoky with plenty of wokhei. There were plenty of deep fried lard in the noodles, and yet they gave another bowl to add on the noodles. Fabulous and sinful.

“Moonlight” horfun 月光河粉

“Moonlight” horfun 月光河粉, as suggested in the name, was just the standard KL-style horfun with a raw egg added.

Stir fried horfun and bee hoon with gravy 广府鸳鸯

Cantonese Yuen Yeung 广府鸳鸯 is a KL tzechar favourite that involved two types of noodles – the kway teow that has been tossed in a wok with dark soy sauce and crispy pan fried bee hoon. The mixture of the soft horfun and the crispy bee hoon is a match in heaven that is bonded together with the smooth, thick egg gravy. This combination should not be separated, just like a pair of Mandarin ducks or Yuen Yeung 鸳鸯.

“Kamheung” Venus clams 甘香啦啦

Kamheung is a direct translation from the Cantonese dialect 甘香, which means fragrance and aromatic. It is a product of the Chinese condiments with Malay spices to produce a uniquely Malaysian sauce. The closest Chinese equivalent would be the XO sauce. The missing ingredients are curry powder, curry leaves and other local aromatics.

The concoction is great in sautéed shellfish and poultry like chicken. I order a similar dish in another restaurant that I promptly backlisted because the key to this dish is the freshness of the Venus clams. Thankfully it was alright here. But I had to confess, I am not a fan of the kamheung flavour.

The place was packed by 7 pm with locals and tourists alike. The turnover of the tables was really quick so the wait was not too bad. The food was rustic and delicious, but the price was not the same level as before. But it was a good eat but the distance to PJ was not worth journey as there are good ones in KL as well. But if you are coming here, you may want to check-out others along this same area.

Restoran Tiong Hokkien Mee 新青山福建面
Ground Floor, 89, Jalan SS 21/37, Damansara Utama, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel :  +60 16-305 0444

Visited Mar 2023

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