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Remboelan @ Jakarta

Indonesian food is the food that I will never get bored with – the exquisite taste, the spices, the flavours with all different taste from Sabang to Merauke. And Remboelan is the best place to the real taste of Indonesian food from 5 big islands (Sumatra, Java, Aceh, Sulawesi, Kalimantan) and 15 provinces.

Nasi Bakul Telor Asin Krakatau

One word, AMAZING!!! Fragrant rice cooked with special herbs topped with shallots, garlic, salted egg, chili and salted fish. This was totally my kind of rice dish, extremely aromatic, savory yet addictive, the portion is perfect for sharing.

Sop Buntut

Boiled spiced oxtail soup served with sambal cuka hijau (vinegar green chilli sauce), the soup was complex yet comforting with that familiar taste. The meat on the oxtail simply fell off the bones and was superb with the special sambal.

Tumis Bunga Pepaya Kecombrang

Tumis Bunga Pepaya Kecombrang

It’s the dish that my colleague highly recommended, savory yet aromatic stir fried papaya flower and papaya leaf with “kecombrang” flower (torch ginger flower), shredded fish, and stinky bean.

Ikan Gurame Bumbu Kemiri

Gourami fish glazed with their special “Remboelan” sauce, it was quite spicy. The small gourami is an ornamental freshwater fish, but these are raised for their meat, and is the most common fish served in Indonesia given their abundance and ease of farming.

Bistik Lidah Jawa

Bistik Lidah Jawa

Another classic Javanese dish, beef tongue stew served with potato wedges, carrot, green beans, pickles, and thin potato crisp and signature traditional kampoeng sauce. The beef tongue was incredibly well seasoned yet tender, very delicious it gave me a nostalgic moment.

Es Pisang Ijo Makassar

Es Pisang Ijo Makassar

One of the most popular food from Makassar is their Es Pisang Ijo or banana wrapped in pandan suji mixture then steamed and then served with thick coconut gravy, syrup and shaved ice. The banana is very aromatic and the salty taste from coconut gravy adds a nice balance to the sweet syrup.

And nothing works better to kill the spiciness of the food than a glass of ice cold lime juice with kiamboy (salted preserved plum).

Remboelan Soulfood is one of Indonesian restaurants in Jakarta that needs no introduction anymore. Serving traditional Indonesian food made from traditional recipes, having a meal at Remboelan feels like we’re having a nationwide food tour. We can taste the signature dishes from various regions in Indonesia.

You can find Remboelan’s outlet in Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Kota Kasablanka, Pondok Indah Mall and Gandaria City.

Remboelan Indonesian Soulfood
Mall Plaza Senayan Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Tel : 021-5725088 

Visited Jun 2023

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