Shibuya Matsukawa @ Toyko

Grilled eel, called unagi no kabayaki in Japanese, is a popular dish in Japan. Kabayaki is a cooking method unique to Japan where you slice open eels to remove their bones and broil them with sweet and salty sauce made from soy sauce and mirin until brown.

Yoshimura Kiyomizu-an @ Kyoto

Three things you have to eat in Kyoto –  macha-flavoured stuff, tofu and soba. You can get all three in Arashiyama, but the place to have your soba fix is at Kiyomizu.

Warayaki-ya @ Akasaka, Tokyo

In Kochi, fishermen made bonfires of using straws and cooked their catch. This technique called Warayaki is quite a spectacle to watch and tasty.

Yakiniku Hiro @ Kyoto

I realised that I have not recommended Yakiniku in my blogs, even though I go to one quite often. A recent one I went to in Kyoto was of quite good quality at a reasonable price.

Hokkien Noodles 福建面

One of the family favourite. Simple to cook, but a lot of preparation. Labour of love, but well worth the effort. Fried Hokkien Noodles 福建炒虾面 材料 材料分炒料、高汤料(看【虾面高汤】部分),分量大概是4人份。 主炒料: 250g 油面(热水汆烫半熟) 250g 粗米粉(热水汆烫半熟) 1 kg 虾肉(虾壳留下熬汤) 350g/1条 墨鱼 (Sotong) 250g 肥五花肉一整块(去皮) 500g 排骨(隨意) 200g 豆芽 200g 韭菜 (Chives)或 通心菜(Kangkong) 750ml 蝦高汤 3颗 大(75g+)鸡蛋(如果普通70g鸡蛋,需要4颗) 1大汤匙 蒜蓉 (大概8瓣的量,磨碎)…