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Horumon-shio Monmon @ Shingawa

Would you walk into an offal barbecue restaurant? Horumon-shio Monmon is exactly that.

Besides the usual yakiniku, this place specialises in offals. All kinds of offals. Choke full of cholesterol and everything modern human called harmful. But when grilled properly over the charcoal, it became delicious goodness that can only come from burnt organ meat.

The place is in a basement and you will miss it if you are not looking. Look out for the cute penguin mascot and strong aroma of bbq.

Horumon-shio Monmon
1 Chome-23-18 Kitashinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tōkyō-to 140-0001, Japan

ホルモン焼 もんもん
〒140-0001 東京都品川区北品川1丁目23−18

Tel : +81 3-3471-4129

Date Visited : Aug 2016

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