Tatsu @ Chijmes (Blacklist)

Tatsu started a sushi restaurant and then ventured into teppanyaki at their Chijmes outlet. It was known for its flambé Wagyu beef, showmanship (not the Benihana type) during the dinner but not the taste. It was really bad.

Wagyu & Lobster Course

This was a very popular course and the amount was quite substantial. If your partner is a small eater, then one set plus maybe one more a la carte item would be enough to share between two.


The appetiser of the day was boiled okra with mushrooms in mirin-dashi sauce. Not quite outstanding, quite Singaporean style Japanese restaurant appetiser, i.e. it was neither appetising to the eyes nor to the palate.

Hokkaido oysters in ponzu sauce

Large, plump Hokkaido oysters drown in ponzu sauce. The oysters were fresh, but the treatment just totally destroyed its freshness.

As for the mains, the whole presentation and cooking was done in less than 30 min.

Wagyu Teppan

The beef tasted like your foodcourt teppanyaki beef. Total waste of good ingredients. We asked for medium rare, it came as medium to medium well. I guess they could not really control the flambé process with precision.

Lobster Teppan

Don’t expect the lobster to be any better. We have been pampered by Chef Eric at Mikuni with his legendary “golden sauce”, so this one really fell flat. The sauce just disintegrated into grease.

Assorted Mushrooms Teppan

Again, we did not understand what was this.

Lobster Head Miso Soup

And the lobster miso soup, the lobster looked like it was undercooked, and ina miso soup, how can you undercooked a shellfish?

Fried Rice

The fried rice was done with no standard. My maid can do a better fried rice.


Dessert was just a half-melted matcha ice cream.

Service was bad, the dinner was rushed, the price was totally unworthy of the food, service and ambiance. The ventilation of the place was horrible. Will never come again. Very seldom I would put a restaurant as blacklisted, this is unfortunately one of them.

30 Victoria Street #01-08 Singapore 187996
Tel : 6332 58689

Date Visited : Jun 2013

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