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Ban Heng 萬興菜館 @ Boon Keng

Ban Heng is an old brand-name in the local Chinese restaurants, very steadfast and solid in Hokkien cuisine. They offer ala carte buffets for dinner that are quite economical.

My family loves buffets! Especially Chinese ala carte buffets, we have been to many, including the Michelin-associated Peony Jade. Because of the size of the family, we can almost go through the entire long list of items on offer. So we have a high expectation when we came to Ban Heng because of its long history.

Ban Heng offered two different buffet menus, both similar in most items, but Menu B has added premium items (shark fin soup, black pepper crab, etc) for an additional $10 per person. Menu A was already very ample for a simple gathering.

Side order of roast suckling pig

As it was a celebration (my brother stuck lottery), so he ordered an ala carte roast suckling pig to be shared among us. Great BBQ, really crispy skin.

The offer (still valid in Jun 2019, check out their website) was 4 persons for the price 3 paying adults. Really good value, but really you can’t eat that much unless it is a celebration.

Ban Heng Restaurant
22 Boon Keng Rd, #01-21, Singapore 330022
Tel : +65 6291 0407

Date Visited : Feb 2019

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