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Spring in Shanghai revisited (twice!)

This Shanghainese restaurant has become our office canteen. We come here regularly and were never disappointed.

The Entire Repertoire for Autumn

The headline dishes were seasonal specials for Autumn.

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What we really like

黑椒啫牛舌 black pepper gyutan casserole

黑椒啫牛舌 black pepper gyutan casserole

The gyutan (beef tongue) were sliced and cooked in high heat in this casserole in Cantonese style. What was amazing was that the gyutan remained tender despite the high heat.

杏仁片 almond flake crisp

杏仁片 almond flake crisp

This was complimentary because we could not get our usual table. So the manager decided to give us their self-made almond flake crisp. Very crispy and full of almond good ness. Now I want to buy this for the family for Chinese New Year.

蒜段炒猪肝 chives with pig liver

蒜段炒猪肝 chives with pig liver

I cook this at home. But the pig liver was tender and did not have the organ smell. Perfect control of the heat and wok. It is usually the simplest dishes that show the experience and skill of the chef.

鸡汁蒸半野生大黄鱼 steamed croaker

鸡汁蒸半野生大黄鱼 steamed croaker with chicken dripping

Yellow croaker steamed and then drizzled over with chicken fats. I mean, anything with animal fats will taste good, but this combination of fish and chicken is a match made in heaven. The croaker was in season, so the flesh was the most tender and sweet, with the right amount of fats. The chicken fat just brought out the flavour even more.

Second floor

Even though we have been here several times, we have not been to the second floor. The high ceiling and bright natural light were comfortable.

Spring in Shanghai 春在上海

Date Visited : Sep 2019

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