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mezza9 @ Scotts

Where can you go to enjoy some fine food from different culinary genres under one roof, in a single menu? mezza9, where else?

A play with the word “mezzanine”, this restaurant in Grand Hyatt Singapore incorporates nine different dining experiences.

• ​grill: western grill & rotisserie
• seafood: sustainable seafood on ice
• steam basket: traditional Chinese dishes
• sushi: traditional Japanese sushi and sashimi bar
 • thai: Thai grill and kitchen
• patisserie: desserts
• the shop: gourmet boutique
• martini bar: award-winning bar pouring one of the city’s largest selection of martinis
• party room: versatile gin & tonic bar perfect for drinks and private events

You can choose to sit in any area and still order from all the show kitchens around you. Choose from the thai kitchen, sushi bar, grill, steam basket, sustainable seafood counter, patisserie, party room and martini bar.

Somehow, because new and wonderful dining places have opened up in the meantime, there was no chance to visit this quite unusual but fascinating restaurant until a guest from overseas came and stayed in Grand Hyatt.

Thai kitchen – som tam kai kem

som tam kai kem

shredded green papaya salad, snake beans, tomatoes, salted egg, peanuts

What can I say, I have not tried a Thai salad with a chilled seafood tower coming next.

Seafood counter – mezza9 seafood platter

mezza9 seafood platter

selection of seasonal rock oysters, maine lobster, spencer gulf wild king prawns, black mussels , clams, condiments

Fresh seafood chilled ala minute, not the cooked to death type you get in buffet. Compared to crabs, lobsters are so much easier to peel and have way more meat. However, the sweetness of fresh crabs are undeniably worth the effort. There’s also fresh cold clams, Tasmanian black mussels, wild king prawns (I am quite sure they are farmed), Coffin Bay oysters to add to the seafood gastronomy.

Grill – steak grilled over jarrah hard wood

steaks and grill
tasmanian cape grim beef, aged 28 days, grass fed fillet

tasmanian cape grim beef, aged 28 days, grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free

green asparagus, hollandaise sauce

green asparagus, hollandaise, dukkha

steak and asparagus

Competently grilled to medium (my dining companion could not take anything that’s rarer than medium), this is a good piece of grass-feed fillet that has been tenderised by the in-house dry-ageing process.

What elevates the dining experience at Mezza9 Hyatt to a high level is a combination of the food, the atmosphere and the attentive service. Eating in a beautiful environment with the chefs at work providing the visual energy somehow made it so much more enjoyable than if we had been served the same food in a plain restaurant.

If you are looking for the best venue in Singapore to have international fare, a sumptuous Sunday Brunch and specialty cocktails, mezza9 is your choice.

Mezzanine Level, Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road, Singapore 228211
Tel : +65 6416 718

Date Visited : Nov 2017


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