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Hello Kitty in hot soup

Continuing the theme of Hello Kitty, there were two shops in Taipei that every Kitty fan would have been to – the Hello Kitty cakeshop and the Hello Kitty shabu-shabu restaurant. Yes, the cat is everywhere, and how she is hot soup!

Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu

I wonder what else they would think of next, but Hello Kitty is now a shabu-shabu restaurant. Hello Kitty Shabu-Shabu, located in the Da’an District of Taipei, combines the shabu-shabu dining experience with Sanrio’s most recognized beloved character.

The menu, decor and vibe of the restaurant are all Hello Kitty, so you would not be here unless you are an ardent fan. But if the shabu-shabu is good, maybe one would still come.


The table was set with Hello Kitty place mats and utensils set. The thoughtful utensils set came with a Hello Kitty stick on bib and hair tie so you can enjoy your meal without the worry for getting your clothes or hair dirty! 

The idea of hot pot is to have ingredients actively cooking in front of diners in a boiling broth. Their shabu-shabu differs from communal hot pot in that it consists of a smaller cooking vessel and is meant to be an individual experience. And cuteness overdrive with the bow ribbon as handles for the pot covers.

One pax portion

Every customer needs to order at least one set minimum. A set would include a mix platter of vegetables and fish cakes. Can you spot the cat on the tofu?

Every set comes with one choice of meat – there are the usual choices of beef, pork, chicken and seafood – and the price of the set is consummate of the choice of meat..

Broth jelly

And to make the stock more flavourful, you are given broth jelly made into the shapes of the kitty.

As part of the set, you get a chawanmushi (steamed egg) served in a red apple (Kitty’s favourite fruit is the red apple), and a portion of udon or Kitty-shaped rice ball.

Besides the set, one can add more meat or side dishes.

Deep fried oysters

Beside shabu-shabu items, you can order cooked items like the very delicious deep fried oysters.

Mochi jelly

And at the end of the meal, you are given a couple of mochi drops for dessert.

Fruit tea

But can Hello Kitty even dine here? After all, the famous feline mascot famously lacks a mouth. In Taipei, you are spoiled for choice for shabu-shabu. You have to be a fan to make the trip here as the shabu-shabu was not that fantastic.

Date Visited : Dec 2015

Closed – fell victim to the pandemic.

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