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Kitchen at Treasury @ Brisbane

Dining in the casino is always a hit-and-miss affair. While they attract the best names to set up shop in the property, the operator’s own restaurants can fall short of expectation. This turns out to be not too bad.

Kitchen at Treasury is an own-brand restaurant inside the Treasury Casino in Brisbane. Because of the separate entrance, this places is family friendly as you can enter this place without cutting through the gambling areas. That can be useful when you are bringing an eight year-old to the casino.

Soups are huge but not flavourful. Might as well skip them as they fill you up too quickly.

Freshly shucked oysters

Freshly shucked oysters

Oysters in Australia are always fresh and plump, unless you have them in dodgy places.

Chicken schnitzel

Chicken schnitzel

Crumbed chicken breast, fries, salad with pepper jus

This was the surprising WOW for the evening. A nicely fried batter chicken breast. The meat was still moist and tender. Was surprised that the chicken cutlet was served a sauce.

Spaghetti bolognaise

Beef bolognaise with shaved parmesan cheese

Did the spring onion drop onto the spaghetti by mistake? The beef is chunky and the sauce is flavourful.

Striploin from the grill

Striploin from the grill

250g Nolan’s Meats Gympie served with thick cut chips and garden salad with mushroom jus

A great piece of meat made to medium rare. Nice char marks provided the smokey flavours.

It’s a casino environment, rowdy people. Not recommended with kids in tow. But the food is quite good and reasonably price. I just they keep the price down to attract people into the casinos for other activities.

Kitchen at Treasury
Treasury Casino Building (Ground Floor – William St Corner), Top of Queen St Mall
Brisbane QLD 4000

Date Visited : Sep 2014

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