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Akasaka Prince Classic House @ Tokyo

This was once one of the most prestigious lodging in Tokyo due its proximity to the Diet (parliament) and the Palace. The sprawling space of Akasaka Prince Hotel has now been rebuilt retaining this classic house as a reminder of its legacy.

As you walk around Kioicho, you cannot help but notice this Tudor-style building next to a brand new modern building. The old house is the original Prince Hotel.

The Exterior of the Classic House (courtesy of Akasaka Prince)

Most of the interior has been retained with modern fixtures. It has been repurposed into a meeting room/weeding and dining facility adjacent to the brand new Prince Gallery Kioicho hotel (part of the Luxury Collection of Marriott Group).

I came here for lunch in their French-Japanese restaurant, La Maison Kioicho. The food is mainly French-influenced but the meticulous plating by the Japanese is evident.

Just a salad

I do recommend their lunch. For USD68 you get a three-course meal that’s not over whelming in quantity, but definitely high in quality. Unfortunately, I was with a business group and it’s impolite to take more photos. Nevertheless, it was a good meal, the service was great and the atmosphere conducive for a business lunch.

Because of its proximity to the business district in Kioicho, do expect a reservation list if you intend to walk-in. Japanese restaurants would usually deny any walk-ins if reservation is full because they usually turn up on time. Even if they are not turning up, Japanese would call in advance to cancel. Everything is clockwork precision here.

The Classic House at Akasaka Prince 
1-2 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 
Tokyo Garden Terrace 4F
Tel : 03-6261-1153 

Date Visited : Sep 2017

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