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Sekishin-tei 石心亭 @ Tokyo

For a taste of Japan, head to Sekishin-Tei in the luxury hotel’s garden. Housed in a Japanese-style cabin, this tiny teppanyaki spot overlooks the koi pond and serves exquisitely grilled beef and seafood selections, cooked to order.

The verdant 400-year-old Japanese garden at Hotel New Otani Tokyo is an enchanting oasis located in the center of the metropolis.

Stroll through 10 acres of greenery, rocks and waterfalls; see the highly prized school of koi carp in the pond; and walk across the vibrant red Japanese bridges to find a quiet nook to sit and read.

Within this grand 10-acre garden, you will find 3 teppanyaki restaurants.


Teppanyaki in an octagon layout.

A unique culinary experience in a very unique setting, Sekishin-tei is a relaxing counter-style seating restaurant nestled within the 400 year old Japanese Garden. A mixture of Japanese, Western and Chinese style cuisine is grilled right in front of you by expert chefs.

Special Dinner Set – 緑陰 RYOKU-IN

アミューズ Amuse-bouche

Amuse bouche – wagyu beef stew with radish and carrot

本日の魚の湯引きキャビア添え 石心亭スタイル

Quick-poached Fish of the Day with Caviar, Sekishin-tei Style

Shimaji carpaccio with caviar and yuzu dressing


Homard Tail from Canada, Fish of the Season

Red snapper and rock lobster
Perfectly done

焼き野菜 Grilled Vegetables

Vegetable choice

You can to choose some of the finest vegetable for the season, including the very rare and seasonal white asparagus.

Leek, asparagus, shiitake and lotus roots
Tasty with the sweet onion sauce in the middle.

黒毛和牛フィレ, ガーデンサラダ

Filet of Wagyū, Garden Salad

Ohmi A4 filet
Frying the garlic

I always enjoyed the deep fried garlic served for teppanyaki

There’s the garlic flakes
Perfectly done medium

The garden salad that came with the set was underwhelming.

Ohmi A4 filet


Garlic Rice, Pickled Vegetables, Miso Soup

Standard garlic fried rice with miso soup and pickles

季節のフルーツ 2 種盛合せ Assorted Fruit of the Season

Desert and after meal tea is offered in a separate building next door, again unique experience.

Fruits for dessert – Japanese honeydew and Hawaiian papaya

Guests can finish off their meal with a dessert and coffee in the annex Shogetsu-tei. From the restaurant you can view the greenery of the massive garden, almost makes you forget you are in the middle of Tokyo.

Tei (Pavilion) in the Japanese garden

Sekishin-tei 石心亭 (Hotel New Otani)
4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8578, Japan
Tel : +81-3-3238-0024

Date Visited : Mar 2020

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