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Sushi Tei @ Yishun

Sushi Tei is a homegrown Japanese restaurant chain that has been provided very good Japanese cuisine. There’s often very interesting seasonal menus that were quite tasty and also chef’s special from chefs at different outlets.

The first time I ate at Sushi Tei was in Singapore, when they brought in the kaitensushi (conveyor belt sushi). Then in 2006 I was stationed in Shanghai, they opened an outlet in Metro Town. I was just staying at the apartment behind the mall and Sushi Tei became one of my regular weekend haunts.

Hon maguro yoridori and assorted gunkan sushi

Now, fast forward to 2022 and this outlet in Northpoint, they don’t do kaitensushi anymore, and the menu is more varied and of very high quality. We ordered some gunkans and a hon maguro yoridori set that came with chutoro, akamai, chopped tuna belly, and tekkamaki. Good sushi at this price level.

Kagoshima wagyu shabu-shabu

First to be served was Kagoshima wagyu shabu-shabu, and we also ordered Kagoshima pork belly and an extra serving of beef sirloin for the shabu-shabu.

Kagoshima wagyu beef

The shabu-shabu was delicious primarily because of the beef. There were 4 slices and at $34, it was one of the cheapest Kagoshima A4 wagyu in town.


They don’t do the set menu nowadays, so chawanmushi was an ala carte order. Besides the regular chawanmushi, there’s the zuwaikani chawanmushi that came with a layer of snow crab meat on top.

Fried salmon belly fin

And if you spend $80 at this outlet in Northpoint, they give a serving of fried salmon belly fin for free. Who says the best thing in life is not free! This freebie turned out to be the highlight of lunch. The salmon belly was coated with karaage powder that gave it that salty satisfaction that only fried food can give.

Sashimi moriwase HARU

I was surprised that the sashimi moriwase came last, perhaps because they forgot the order. You can swap the salmon for salmon belly at no extra cost. The sashimi was okay, nothing to shout about.

Restaurant interior

The decor needed some refreshing, service was spartan because the ordering process has been digitalised with iPads. There was minimal contact between the service staff and us, except for the regular replenishing of our drinks. Still a good eat after all these years.

Sushi Tei (Northpoint)
930 Yishun Ave 2 #02-15, Northpoint City, Singapore 768019
Tel : 6257 2822

Visited in May 2022

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