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Deen Tiga Rasa @ Beach Road

This is a very short post for a very shocking yet satisfying dish. One may be put off by the shocking red colour or the fact that you are sucking bones, but the deliciousness of the marrow and sauce would make it all worthwhile.

Of course I am referring to the Singapore dish, sup tulang merah (mutton bone stew in red sauce). Deen Tiga Rasa serves one of the best sup tulang in Singapore because this Indian Muslim dish that was invented more than 60 years ago here at the popular stall (and so they claimed). Of course the next door (Haji Kadir) also sells the same which Antony Bourdain gave his thumbs up. I tried it during the lockdown, and so I wanted to try Deen Tiga this time.

Their tulang (mutton bone) come swimming in a spicy, sweet, very red and thick sauce with tiny mutton bits. The objective is to get to marrow in the bone, so you will suck or tap the bone until it oozes out. Discard all sense of dining etiquette when you eat this local Indian fave as you are expected to tuck into the bones with your bare hands. The sauce will dye you fingers with this red stain so these days they offer plastic gloves. This sup tulang will have you slurping every last drop of its rich, red gravy or mopping them off with their (stale) baguette.

While at it, also try the Hainan Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee at the adjacent store. Full of wokhei, but alas, inflation has made it really a small packet.

Deen Tiga Rasa
505 Beach Rd #B1-16, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583

Visited Nov 2022

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