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Tokyo Shokudo 東京食堂 @ CWP

Tokyo Shokudo took the place vacated by Konjiki Hototogisu in Causeway Point. This is the first Halal concept ramen place by Japan Food Holdings, the company that has brought many Japanese dining concepts into Singapore that included one of the first ramen in Singapore, Ajisen.

Tokyo Shokudo is the first original concept by JFH, having all these times bring in franchises from Japan. Featuring the collagen rich chicken broth ramen with varieties of topping, exotic soup bases that have been certified Halal, the chefs also included tempura and tendon 天丼 in this ramen shop.

Tempura moriawase

It’s not my camera, but the tempura moriawase did turn up a bit more yellowish than the typical tempura I was used to. The batter was thicker and harder, almost like goring pisang batter.

Chicken broth with chicken chasiu

I am so used to Halal restaurants that I forgot that I did not recall having my Muslim friends join me in ramen shop because the chasiu and stock were usually made with pork. Then I realised this was completely made with chicken – chicken stock with chicken chasiu.

I made an extra topping of black wood fungus as usual. Felt that the soup was really thick and sticky to mouth, but the noodles were really nicely done. I could not say the same for the tempura though.

March Visit

I came again in March with Princess for a quick lunch. The place was packed with Muslim clientele for the lunchtime crowd. I guessed this concept did work.

Asari ramen

The picture did not speak a thousand words. The menu showed a bowl of asari ramen full of clams. This looked really pathetic.

Beef shabu ramen

Princess ordered for the beef shabu ramen which she said was Yoshinoya meets Ajisen. In fact they offered beef donburi as part of the menu too.

Ebi (tiger prawn) tempura

Ebi tempura was crispy and juicy with nice sized prawn in each one of them.

Shishamo tempura

But what was surprising good was the shishamo tempura. Each of the smelt fish was crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. Most other places would have deep fried them to death.


Not sure if it would break the record (of duration before closing down) for Konjiki Hototogisu, but this being part of the JFH group, they would just rotate the brands to be stationed here. Anyway the prime location for the shop in CWP would always packed in the crowd if the food is right. Just look at Swensen’s next to it.

Tokyo Shokudo 東京食堂 Causeway Point 
#02-09C, 1 Woodlands Square, Singapore 738099

Visited in Feb and Mar 2022

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