Quarantine in Shanghai (Jun 2021)

Day 2-13 – Getting into the Groove

Now that I was properly settle, it’s time to get comfortable and start to setback to the same productivity remotely.

Supplementing the Meals

Because the catering was pretty bad, I needed to supplement the meals with side dishes to spark some joy. Although food delivery was not allowed, pantry items were the exception. I brought along a small stove and was able to make simple meal with the instant noodles I packed in my luggage. All I needed was luncheon meat and vacuum packed eggs and other delish.

Thanks to the strong delivery service network in China, I can order sundry items and have them delivered to my quarantine hotel. The items allowed were fruits (no cut fruits, tomato and cucumber are considered fruits), processed food that are vacuum packed, and pantry items if they are properly packed, i.e. they can sanitised the packaging. I was lucky they allowed the carton of eggs in. My order of milk was discarded.

Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

I even managed to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival during quarantine with these vacuum packed rice dumpling called Zongzi 粽子. Not as good as the ones my family makes, but they will do in these interesting times.

Not Everything was Rosy

I ordered braised duck and they turned out to be horrible. The duck looked like it had been kept in formaldehyde. I simply threw it out.

Rain meant that my new friend could not come over and visit me as it was ponding outside my window. And because of the rain, there were insects flying in the room. I had to order insect repellent as the chemical repellent they gave could not be circulating with outside air given that the air-conditioning was off.

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