Quarantine in Shanghai (Jun 2021)

Leaving Shanghai

After I was done with business in China, it’s time to go home. First, you need to get a PCR done 24 hours before the flight, but that’s pretty easy in Shanghai.

Pudong was full of people returning to their home countries. I was queueing in the SQ line and saw what my fellow travellers were bringing home. Hmmm, a fully automated toilet bidet. I thought I would only see that in Tokyo coming to Shanghai. I managed to speak to that guy in the lounge, and he said he was returning back to Singapore for good after 5 years and that the bidet was at least 30% cheaper in China.

Pudong Airport was pretty much empty, the restaurants and duty free shops were all closed. I just had to wait at the lounge until boarding time.

Meal on board

I was so happy that they were serving a proper meal on the way back. The flight in we were given a snack bag. Luckily we had a proper meal as I was famished. And it was Hainanese chicken rice no less.

And landing back in Changi, I had to do another PCR. The airport was pretty much empty still.

(PS: the requirements for arrival PCR and ART tests have been removed since Apr 2022. You can leave the airport and do a self-test at home within 24 hours.)

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