Quarantine in Shanghai (Jun 2021)

Day 14 – Goodbye

Finally, it was time to check out from my home for the last 14 days. I made a final check on the things I brought and things that were there in the first place. And yes, I was doing waste classification so that they can recycle all the plastics bottles I used during this stay.

Finally packing and I was ready to go to the 7-day self-quarantine hotel, which can be anywhere that accept a Yellow health code status. I chose Le Meridian at People’s Square.

They even provided one last meal as we waited for the signal to leave the hotel. Then signal came for me to leave the quarantine hotel and I saw the neighbourhood in daylight for the first time.

Going to the dispersion point

This is the part that I could not figure out. I wanted to take a cab directly from the State-assigned quarantine hotel to go the self-quarantine hotel. But they insisted that they sent us to the Shanghai Station for us to be on our way. Could not understand the logic. Isn’t that a higher risk by dispersing us at the train station?

Anyway, I finally reach Le Meridian, my home for the next 7 days before I would finally be free to go anywhere in China. So in total 21 days in State-controlled quarantine followed by 7 days in self-quarantine.

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