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Adrift by David Myers @ MBS

ADRIFT by David Myers is a modern take on the vibrant Izakaya. Adrift’s flavour-forward menu includes small plates, healthy salads, seafood, and meats grilled over bincho charcoal on a traditional robata grill.


Quite casual and nicely space, we sat at the far end of the restaurant on their famous “swing” chairs. These are basically sofa mounted on swing ropes.


Amuse Bouche

For Amuse Bouche, we were given some prawn crackers with a spiced mayo.

Irish Oysters

Irish Oysters half dozen, ume dressing – freshly shucked oysters with a ume dressing. The Irish Pearl Oysters were creamy and saturated with flavour. I could eat it naked.

Vegetable Tempura

Adrift’s Vegetable Tempura was not your usual selection of tubers, but Enoki, okra, scallions, and other tempura worthy vegetables. Lightly battered but fried a bit too long, it did not have the same lightness of a master tempura restaurant. But again, if you think of this as another Izakaya finger food for drinks, it’s alright.

Deep Fried Maki Roll

The first time I had fried maki was in Israel. Here, the cucumber maki roll was given the same treatment and placed on a sweet mayo. Another great Izakaya dish.

Grilled Kurobuta Pork Belly

One portion of Grilled Kurobata Pork Belly came with two skewers of the perfectly grilled, fatty pork with soy sauce. A Worcestershire sauce based dip was paired with this great Izakaya dish.

Hamachi Ceviche

Hamachi Ceviche was a homage to their Californian roots, where the hamachi was tossed in truffle oil and sprinkled with Ikura. Add the dash of lime, and the dish was complete. Loved the tard and salt and fish.

Wagyu Cheeseburger

Wagyu Cheeseburger, tomato jam, gruyère, pickled jalapeño – The signature dish of Adrift, the cheeseburger was an upgrade of your normal In-n-Out. Australian Wagyu beef patty instead of Angus, Gruyere cheese instead of cheddar, Rocket lettuce instead of regular lettuce, tomato jam instead of ketchup, and pickled jalapeño instead of your regular jalapeño. OK it must be my tastebud, but it actually tasted the same as your In-n-Out, so we just paid 3x the price for nothing.


Peach Blow Fizz

I brought an under-18, so we ordered a non-alcoholic cocktail. Rather than the usual Shirley Temple, we had a Peach Blow Fizz, concocted by celebrity mixologist Sam Ross.

Suntory Black Beer

I ordered a draft Suntory Black Beer which is quite difficult to find elsewhere. It is creamy and sweet, almost like a stout but without the bitterness of the stout. It is also not as dry as the usual Suntory.

Well, I think the food did not live up to its hype, but it would be a great after-work drinking place.

Adrift By David Myers
10 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 018956

Tel: 6688 5657

Date Visited : May 2017

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