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Meat & Wine Co @ Circular Quay

The Meat & Wine Co is intimate and sophisticated inside the heritage-listed hotel, where contemporary interior design paired with subtle African influences make the restaurant enticingly unique. Rustic wooden walls, luxurious leather seating, and stone features make this the ideal setting for business meetings and romantic dinners alike.

The Starters

Pork Belly, Southern chilli glazed pork belly, lettuce, apples, onion and jalapeno. This is the piece de resistance I think of this establishment. The slow-cooked pork belly was tender and juicy while it retained the smokiness and charred marks of the grill. The accompanying salsa was great. Think of a  great piece fatty charsiew from Joy Hing with Nyonya achar pickles.

Boerewors, Coriander, cumin and beef sausage, pap croquettes and spicy chakalaka. Chakalaka is a South African vegetable relish, usually spicy, that is traditionally served with bread, pap, samp, stews, or curries. But the star was the skewer of plump, succulent, savoury, spicy, house-made sausages. Crispy skin, well-spiced filling and grilled to perfection, it was always a great start for the dinner.

Wagyu Tartare, Smoked yolk, green dressing and lavosh bark. Beef is one of the few meat that can be eaten raw. The risk of food poisoning due to eating raw beef is lower than sashimi. But that is if you have properly dealt with surface contamination. I have never tried to recreate any tartare or sashimi at home as we do not have the industrial equipment or necessary culinary training to do it properly. So when I can, I would order beef tartare.

The Meat

Monte – Grain Fed 120D

Monte is the premium line of beef exclusively sourced for The Meat & Wine Co. Monte – Grain Fed 120D, Fillet Medium Rare with Peppercorn Sauce and Farm Salad of cos, cucumber, onion, radish, parsley, tomato vinaigrette.  It was always a good piece of meat in this restaurant. Didn’t care much of the sauce or the salad, the meat on its own was worth the trip. It was a group dinner so I have only a choice of a fillet or a chicken.

The Dessert

Crème Brûlée, Classic crème brulee with choice of patisserie chocolate or coffee meringue biscuit

Pineapple Pavlova, Caramelised pineapple, berries, Chantilly cream, passionfruit coulis and baked meringue

Totally skipped dessert, one always has too much to eat in these company dinners and gatherings. Great, and large quantity of wine was imbibed as well, but it was a great corporate event, and worth the team building.

The Meat & Wine Co (Circular Quay)
Shop 12, Lobby, InterContinental Sydney
117 Macquarie Street
(corner of Bridge Street & Phillip Street)
Sydney, 2000
Tel : (02) 9252 7888

Date Visited : Jul 2018

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