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Victory Once Again

This place has become our canteen in Shenzhen. Very good food at a reasonable price.

Instead of peanuts or pickles, the table was set with a bowl of Pig’s Blood Jelly. It sounded disgusting, but we grew up eating this as a really cheap source of iodine and iron. That’s what I liked about Cantonese restaurants in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, they always come up with a surprise once in a while. Innovation.

We ordered our usual perennial favourites like 白灼基围虾、手打鱼腐煮胜瓜、渚渚芥兰、粉丝蒸元贝、䜴椒炒花甲、金银菜炖猪肺汤、etc. And we tried a few new stuff.

Like the 冰镇咕咾肉 Chilled Sweet and Sour Pork – the pork loin was cut into cube, coated with batter and deep-fried, and then cooked in a sweet and sour sauce. This would be the traditional 咕咾肉. But they took inspiration from a classic Chinese food movie called 满汉全席 starring my favourite actor, the late Leslie Cheung (RIP), and created this Chilled version. The sauce crystallised into a transparent coating around the pork. The chilling process is not a gimmick. Not only it retained the  crunch of the deep-fried batter and some temperature in the pork, it stopped the cooking process and resulted in a just cooked, tender and juicy meat. Wonderful and recommended must try!


And everyone loved 猪油拌饭 Steamed Rice with Pig’s Lard. It is a simple dish to make. You take pig’s lard and reduce it to the clear oil. You take a spoonful of the oil, together with a spoonful of really good soy sauce, and mixed it in a bowl of steamed rice. Use Jasmine rice for extra fragrance. Very high in cholesterol and fats, but I have not heard of anyone that died of clogged arteries eating pig’s lard. I always believe the modern cardiovascular diseases are all a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and processed food. I know this, because I lived through it.

Never disappointed with Victory, service was good and attentive – in fact, it is one of the better service I have encountered in Shenzhen.

Tel:+86 722 82095333

Date Visited : Aug 2018

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