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Emporio Antico @ Hong Kong

These days, due to high rental costs, some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong are found on the higher floors of office buildings. Emporia Antico is located on 18th floor of an office building, and you get questioned by security what are you doing there if you are not appropriately dressed.

Emporio Antico is a purveyor of exotic, fine food. They import their own Greek holy, Spanish ham, Italian truffles, balsamic vinegar and EVOL, and their own branded caviar. They ran the restaurant as an addition to the import business so that they can feature their ingredients. The best way to try them at a reasonable price is to go for their Executive Set Lunches. They are usually booked out for private events in the evenings.

Executive Set Lunch

They have different sets for different time. I was there when they offered a 4 course set (house salad, one appetiser, one main, one dessert). Come with complimentary sparkling or still bottled water and coffee. And I added an ala carte item (the sous vide eggs).

1/ Mozzarella Salad

mozzarella salad

Very simple salad with EVOL over cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, this is almost like a Caprese. The EVOL was a product that they sell separately. Very flavourful and rich.

2/ Sous vide 63°C Egg with Spanish Jamon

Sous vide 63 Eggs with Jamon

The egg was perfectly done with a runny yolk. The whole presentation was knocked up a notch with the gold flakes. The Iberico jamon gave the oil and salt for the sous vide egg. You smashed the yolk and let it combined deliciously with the savoury ham. Heavenly.

3/ Organic Tomato Soup

Organic tomato soup

This soup turned out to be the surprise. I have never liked tomato soup, always thought it tasted like ketchup. But this one was tasty with umami and a hint of herbs. Basil?

4/ Organic honey bread with EVOL and Balsamic Vinegar

Organic honey bread with EVOL and Balsamic Vinegar

The house bread was drenched with their Greek honey – yummy. And you get to taste the EVOL and vintage balsamic vinegar. Too bad it wasn’t free flow of bread.

5/ Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin

The main course was a medium rate beef tenderloin on a bed of asparagus and baby finger tomatoes. Nice but nothing to shout.

6/ Opera with Vanilla Ice Cream

Opera with Vanilla Ice Cream

A rather disappointing end, given that the appetisers were so outstanding. If I knew I would just ordered appetisers for the whole meal.


You get a really nice view of Hennessy Road on the 18th floor, but it wasn’t high enough to see the Victoria Harbour. The decor was chic, and I can imagine the private parties that go on there in the evenings. The service was really good, given that I was the only guest for lunch. It felt liked I have booked the whole place for a private dinner.

Pricey, but good value for lunch sets. Would definitely visit again.

Emporio Antico
18/F, 239 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, HK
Tel : + (852) 2387 7168

Date Visited : Aug 2018

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