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Albergue 1601 婆仔屋 @ Macau

Macau is a former colony of Portugal. One of the key things to do when one visits Macau is to try Portuguese cuisine. They served the best outside of Lisbon, but you can also get Chinese influence in some of the dishes here. Albergue 1601 may not be the best example in Macau, but it was still very good and an ambiance to match.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable dining experience. The moment you set foot in the St. Lazarus Quarter, one of the best preserved historical neighbourhoods in Macau, you can imagine yourself getting lost in the little alleys of Lisbon.

Ensopado de Frutos do Mar

Ensopado de Frutos do MarSeafood Stew – This tasted like cioppino, except it was much lighter and featured more of the delicate taste of saffron.

Lingua de Boi ao Vinho Tinto

Lingua de Boi ao Vinho TintoOx tongue braised in red wine – I loved the texture of a good braised ox tongue. It remained tender and have a bite. With the red wine braise, it was so good. I had similar dish at 檀岛 Honolulu Cafe in Hong Kong, it tasted much better here.

Lulas Grelhada

Lulas GrelhadaGrilled squid – salt and pepper grill.

Leitão Assado

Leitão Assado Roasted suckling pig – Loved this suckling pig. They nailed it with a really crispy skin and tender meat. The Cantonese version usually ended with a really nice skin but dry and tough meat. The Spanish and Portuguese versions are better in my honest opinion

Frango Assado à Africana

Frango Assado à AfricanaAfrican roast chicken – Combining roast chicken with a spicy curry sauce influenced by African cuisine, you get this unique African chicken.

Recipe here.

Sardinhas Assadas

Sardinhas AssadasGrilled sardines – I loved sardines and very seldom you can get fresh sardines in Singapore markets. Grilled simply with salt and pepper, you tasted the freshness of the fish.

Vanilla Coco Créme Brûlée

Vanilla Coco Créme Brûlée – creme brûlée, ’nuff said.


SerraduaSawdust pudding – There’s no sawdust in this pudding. Serradura, also known as sawdust pudding, or Macau pudding, is a well-known dessert of Macau, which shows a layered outlook with a simple combination of whipped cream and crumbled Marie biscuit.

Recipe here.


The restaurant is housed in a 100+ year old building (PS: the current manager wrote to say it’s only a century old house). Why is it called “Po Chai House”? Literally it translates to “House of old ladies”. It was used as an old folks home after WWII and when Macau was returned to China, the old folks moved to newer premises, leaving “Po Chai House” vacant. It was not until after that the place was refurbished and used as an open space for art and music performances. The two old Portuguese buildings are used as cafe and housed Abergue 1601.

A little history of the area can be found here.

The service in this restaurant was fantastic. The ambiance was one of its kind and would be a good intro to the architecture of old Macau and old Portugal. I still did not figure out why the roosters, but it is now known as a symbol of Macau and of this restaurant.

Must visit in my opinion.

Albergue 1601
8 Calçada da Igreja de São Lázaro 瘋堂斜巷8號
+853 2836 1601

Date Visited : Dec 2017

PS (28 May 2020): New Executive Chef since my visit – no longer serving Macanese food – or Portugese-influenced Macau food. Now it’s a proper Portugese restaurant. Will try and write about it when I can travel again.

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  1. Pedro Barroso Barrigas Ramos De Almeida

    Excuse me …
    My name is Pedro Almeida
    I apreciate your comment but have a big problem and it have to be solved
    I have to say few things:
    This is not my food ,
    I’m a Portuguese Chef I Don’t cook Macanese food,
    imagine how embarrassing it is for me , please come to my restaurant try my food e post my dishes.
    My Menu is Portuguese , I have no menus based on HK brushes

    Please be welcome to come and try

  2. To whom it may concern,
    The information posted is outdated and incorrect.

    1) All of the photos posted are from the local style menu by the previous Chinese chef. Our current Head Chef Pedro Almeida from Portugal has changed the menu to traditional Portuguese food for more than 2 years. The dishes in these photos are not by him.

    2) The building is around 100 years old only.

  3. Pedro Almeida

    Hello , my Name is Pedro Almeida ,and I’m the chef at albergue 1601 Macau ,

    the dishes you posted are not made by my team those are old photos from other chef can u please remove my Name is a shame for me
    I apreciate but is not my dishes

    • Done, sorry for the wrong association. Would love to visit again to try your dishes when the travel restriction is over.

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