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Beerthai Bok Tor @ Golden Mile

My office is located in an area what is affectionately referred to as “Little Bangkok”. Between two buildings, Golden Mile Complex and Golden Mile Tower, there are more than 20 Thai and Mookata restaurants. And Beerthai Bok Tor is one of the office favourite.

The place has not much decor to match and looked like one of those old eateries in Sukhumvit – plastic covers on the table, big lazy suzy that had seen better times, photos of the owners with royalties.

But we are not here for the decor, the Thai food here is delicious!

We started with Pandan Chicken (no picture, everyone snatched a piece even before I can snap a picture) – chicken pieces marinated with oyster sauce and wrapped around with pandan and deep fried – was very yummy with a hint of pandan.

The Papaya Salad was ok, but it was the Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom was another good and simple dish. If only it was dinner, else we would be having a beer with these goodies.

Stir fried basil minced pork

Stir fried basil minced pork was my favourite Thai dish. When done right, the minced pork remains moist and soft. They have nailed this dish to perfection with enough basil for taste.

Stir fry chayote leaf

Chayote leaf was the special dish for the lunch. This vegetable is the leaf of 佛手瓜 and has the crunch of kangkong, but flavour of potato leaf. So it was so much better when you use it in the Stir Fry Chayote with Prawn Paste.

The only disappointments were the Green Curry Chicken and the Tom Yum Goong, they were too watery to my taste.

Steamed sea bass with spicy lime sauce

Sea bass is a really bland fish, but if you cooked it Thai style, it comes alive with the burst of flavours. Steamed sea bass with spicy lime sauce was perfect in every way. Fish was steamed to the right doneness, the sauce was tangy and spicy, and lifted up the bland fish. The garlic took away the muddiness of the farmed fish.

They are going to en-bloc Golden Mile Complex. I believe Golden Mile Tower will be going down that path of progress. So go savour the true authentic Thai food in Singapore while they are still there!


Came back again for welcome lunch for new staff. Ordered some other dishes. The red ruby here is fantastic! Much better than ones in hawker centres.

Beerthai Bok Tor
#01-50/51 Golden Mile Tower, 6001 Beach Road, Singapore 199588

Date Visited : Sep 2018, Dec 2018

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