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Brunch @ The White Rabbit

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This is one restaurant that I have been wanting to go to, but may not be suitable for the family in the evening. We decided to go unannounced for Brunch (bad idea), when it is usually a family crowd. The place is crowded out for the brunch, and fully booked. But when the restaurant manager (Amos) saw my 87-yr old Mama, he decided to do something special for me by arranging a table.

English Fry Up

Their signature English Fry-Up is a typical English Cooked Breakfast without the baked beans. Served with a grilled Portobello mushroom, it came with a fluffy biscuit and 2 eggs of your choice. The homemade sausage and thick-cut bacon were the highlights of this simple dish. But at $24, it is definitely not your kopi-tiam breakfast combo.

Seafood Linguine Marinara

The Linguine ($28) was generous in the serving of seafood. A tangy taste with al-dente linguine made this a very palatable dish. My daughter loved it and refused to share it with us because it was good. My only comment on this dish – it’s more like seafood with linguine rather than seafood LINGUINE. There isn’t much of the linguine in the dish.

Lobster and Cheese Omelette

The omelete was light and fluffy with lobster stuffing. Overall it was a well-balanced dish, flavourful yet not over-powering with cheese as per some other places. At $30, we expected more lobster.

Belgian Waffles

The highlight of the day was the Blgian Waffles ($16). The waffles were light and fluffy, and unlike pre-made waffles in Starbucks or pancakes from McD, the dought was not heavy and starchy. The fresh whipped cream was a nice touch which complemented well with the maple syrup.

All-in-all, White Rabbit lived up to its reputation, and I look forward to the return visit.

Service: The yardstick for all others to follow, Kudos to the extra mile they did! Ambiance: Nice chapel, airy and bright. Food: Hearty breakfast stuff, good serving, but pricey. Price: $60++ pax.

A copy of their Brunch menu: TWR_BrunchMenu

White Rabbit’s address (I decided that I should show you their very stylish namecards)

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